Miami University vs. Ohio University?

I'm a senior in high school & I am trying to decide between Miami and OU. I'm planning on studying Psychology. If you guys could give me some pros and cons or personal stories about either that would be AWESOME. Thanks!

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    8 years ago
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    Glad to help!

    Ohio University Pro: It's a beautiful campus

    Ohio University Con: You will want to live there forever, but it is impractical to live there forever

    Miami Pro: ???

    Miami Con: Student population appears to be rife with preppies and rich kids

    Ohio University Pro: The football team just won its second straight bowl game

    Ohio University Con: Most of the best positions on the football team are already filled, so you will have to find some other student organization to join

    Miami Pro: It has a football team

    Miami Con: Sometimes the members of its football team punch innocent trumpet players

    Ohio University Pro: Proud to count Matt Lauer, Mike Schmidt and Nancy Cartwright among its former students

    Ohio University Con: Paul Newman went to school there, too, but stories of him rolling a keg into the dean's car appear to be greatly exaggerated

    Miami Pro: Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan went there

    Miami Con: Vice Presidential candidate Paul Ryan went there

    Ohio University Pro: Students care about things like sports teams, music festivals and the school band, The Marching 110

    Ohio University Con: The Marching 110 has so many viral videos it can be hard to keep them all straight

    Miami Pro: Students never disappointed by the sports teams they don't care about

    Miami Con: Student paper runs international regatta results

    Ohio University Pro: Ben Roethlisberger did not go there

    So, yeah, pros and cons with both.

    Good luck with your decision!

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    First: Realize that while psychology is great, it's not really a practical degree and you will definitely have to continue your education (I went to law school). Unless you're bent on law school or grad school, consider a different major.

    As graduate of Miami's psychology program I enjoyed the small class sizes (except for 101, but even that course has discussion sections of 10 students), a knowledgeable factually, amazing course options (ranging from jury selection to child attachment, from cultural psychology to happiness). The building is only a few years old and looks like it! Great space with great amenities. The professors were also very knowledge and helpful, I definitely recommend. Dr. Len Mark.

    Academically, Miami generally has a better rating and is consistently ranked as having the best teachers and best value in the country. Of course, it does depend on the program. OU has an excellent journalism program from what I understand.

    As for the social scene, it is what you make of it. No college is free of groups and stereotypes (as illustrated by the responses/mind set that dominate OU thinking). Miami does have a strong Greek scene which can be isolating if you don't go that route but I was involved in many other activities such as a professional society, a club sport, resident life, and numerous volunteer organizations. Chances are, if there's something you're passionate about there's a club where you can find others with similar interests . . . as a side note, OU does have the reputation of a party school, partly because of their Halloween celebration (and let's be real, there's not much else do so in the middle of nowhere). Miami may not have the reputation, but I would have to imagine parties just as hard/frequently. What this means is that for day-to-day living, the difference doesn't matter, but it might once you enter the work force. DID I MENTION, the girls are really attractive? Just about everyday you'll the most beautiful girl you've ever seen. Not sure where they all come from but it's pretty crazy.

    Oxford is also a great little town! Everything that you could ever need is within walking distance of campus (minus the grocery store). It is a bit rural but so is OU so that doesn't seem important.

    From my understanding, they both have beautiful campuses. Miami's campus is kind of large, sometimes taking more than 25 minutes to cross campus, but it's so pretty (and the sidewalks well-maintained/shoveled) that it doesn't really matter.

    Anyway, I'd recommend Miami but I have friends from both so I'm sure you'll do just fine!

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    As you can see, OU people get super salty when this kind of question is posed. I went to Miami. I didn't pop my collar. I wasn't in a frat. I do not shop at J Crew. I don't have a BMW. I am not a pretentious *** hole. Most of these arguments are regurgitated statements that they have heard for years without really ever experiencing what Miami is like for themselves. The reason that Miami people have less responses to your question is because they don't really give a **** about the whole OU/Miami rivalry. OU people will say this is us being uptight, rich, entitled dickheads, but they are wrong. It is just that Miami people love Miami and don't feel the need to go on the offensive to hate on another school. Many Miami people will say that OU is just jealous. While some may believe that, most say this to get a rise out of OU students/grads. Are there douchebags at Miami? Yes. Are there douchebags at OU? Yes. The level of hate is really bizarre, and it comes across as insecurity. The truth is that I have spent a lot of time at OU, and I have had some good times there. I don't hate OU, and if you chose to go there I wouldn't say you would be making a mistake. When you go to college the key is to find a group of friends that you are happy to associate with. I was able to do that at Miami very easily, and had the best four years of my life there.

    Honestly, you are never going to get an un biased answer to this question. My thoughts are the Miami is a better school (rankings would also suggest that). The partying is on par with OU (it is easier to have a good time when you actually go to the school). Miami's campus is better looking(my opinion). Sports at both schools are basically on par when you look historically, except Miami's hockey team is always a national player, and that is the sport which most students care about.

    I would pick Miami all day, everyday, off camera, every way.

    Queue the OU haters.

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    I love Ohio University. I'm 59 have had a wonderful career in education and Ohio prepared me to be the best educator I could be for my thousands of students I've had over the decades. So at OU you get the necessary education, but what's most important about OU was and still is...

    The people I met and still meet. Every year of my life I run into old friends and make new ones. I proudly marched in the 110 and loved hearing that cheer every time we hit the field. One away trip to Miami, some of Miami's band members were passing around sheets of paper telling it's students to not applaud the OU band but rather boo them. No lie.

    After the 2nd tune, MIAMI's student body were giving us a standing O and continued until we were well off the field.

    Outside of "I love every person that ever marched in that band and I'd give any alum from OU the shirt off my back if they asked", it's a beautiful place to go.

    Oh... And I married the head cheerleader from Kent that year. Even Kent students knew the guys in the band at OU were better.

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    Both are good schools. If you study hard, you will learn a lot, and you will end up with a successful job.

    The part that makes the difference is which school feels right to you. Personally, I knew the minute I stepped foot in Athens that it was the place for me. Ohio University also had a great program for my degree (oh hey, Scripps!), so needless to say, I only applied to one school and loved the next four years of my life.

    I've seen several posts on this thread saying OU's education isn't as good as at Miami. I can only speak from personal experience and tell you that I graduated right when the economic crisis hit, and I quickly found a job and have been consistently employed.

    University changes you. It shapes you as a person and sets you on the path for where you’re going in life. My experiences at OU eventually took me across the world, and I now live an 8-hour flight away, loving every minute of it except during Homecoming, when I spend the weekend refreshing Facebook and being extremely jealous I can't drive down and join my friends on Court Street.

    My time in Athens was the best time of my life—and I don’t mean that in a depressing way, as in my life will never be that good again. I mean that it showed me the potential in life, relationships, education, and exploration. I push myself to never settle for anything less than outstanding.

    Ohio University taught me work hard, and it taught me to play hard. Both are equally important. After all, what is the point of life if not to live it?

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    I think there's enough posts on the beauty, spirit, partying aspects, etc that you can sort through. My additional 2 cents having gone to OU and majoring in psychology. I went to a branch campus for my first year when classes probably would have been larger but for my final 3 years in psych classes I think my largest class was about 70 people, most classes were around 30 so the class size was very good. I also took the opportunity to participate in research studies. Basically, anywhere you go I believe you get out what you put in. If you want more professor interaction, you speak up and can make it happen. I went on to grad school for counseling and felt that my experience at OU prepared me better than my classmates. Also I applied to 4 grad programs and got accepted to all of them and got a job right after receiving my counseling license so I don't believe some of the previous Miami statements that an OU degree is looked down upon and I did graduate in 4 years. Good luck

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    I am from the Appalachia area, within 40 minutes of Athens, and I went to Miami. I love Athens and the Southeast Ohio area with all my heart, but that doesn't mean I couldn't enjoy Oxford. It is also small town life, has tons to do, and Miami is a great school. Yes we have a preppy reputation, but ABSOLUTELY not everyone is the spitting image of what's been described. Sure I wear Sperry's sometimes, because they're a good shoe, match everything, and I walk a lot. But I also wear cowboy boots, and many other people that go to Miami dress "normally" as well. The surrounding area, like Athens, is mostly country, so a lot of area students, who act just like the people from my home area, go to Miami.

    Miami Pros: It's beautiful, fun, good academics (some of the top programs in the country), and there are many organizations to be involved in and activities going on.

    OU Pros: It's beautiful, fun, good academics, and there are many organizations to be involved in and activities going on.

    Miami Pros: Hockey and a better band at the games.

    Athen Pros: Football and a better band at the games.

    Both schools have students who party all the time, and none at all. Both Uptowns have shops/boutiques, pretty much the same food, and the same amount of bars.

    I do know that Miami has an excellent psychology program. Some psych classes are actually very difficult, I've had to take a few.

    I made the exact same decision you are about to. Miami was the best decision for me, but that doesn't matter, it's what's best for you! So my advice is to not pay so much attention to what's best for everyone else, visit both schools, and go from there.

    Good luck and I'm sure you'll make a good decision!

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    8 years ago

    One difference I notice between OU Alum and Miami Alum is the sense of pride where you came from. Many Miami Grads that I know aren't full of school spirit. Meaning they don't really care about their university and where they came from. To them it was just a school where they got their degree. At Ohio University you bleed Green and White. Ohio Universities Alumni association is more vast and resourceful that Miami's. It is also so much more active in career development and networking. These are the things that benefit you in the long run. Also don't buy into the entire party school reputation. Yes there are a lot of parties, but so is there at any college. If you're not into the entire party scene there are a million and one other things you can do at Ohio University as well.

    Obviously I'm a little biased, both my husband and I went to school there. We also both graduated in 4 years, because yes it still is very possible, and both had full time jobs with full benefits within a year of our graduation. But I will say that the difference between my sister and I (she graduated from Miami) definitely was the experience and the school spirit. I am so proud to be a Bobcat, I still love visiting the school and cheering on the football, basketball, and volleyball teams. However my sister and many of her friends couldn't care less about the football team, or how the university is doing. They just don't have the alumni association to engage them like OU does.

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    8 years ago

    My advice would be to go out of state if you can. I grew up in Connecticut and went to OU. I had a great time, but I think what made my experience even more satisfying was that I went to a different part of the country than I grew up. There are a bazillion schools in the United States that have a good social scene and good academics. Some of them are even on the beach! OU has a lot of stuff, but like the rest of Ohio, it doesn't have an ocean. I say broaden your choice between OU and Miami if you can. Look at Oklahoma U. and Miami of Florida. College is 4 years and the state of Ohio will still be there when you're done.

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    I only applied to two schools, Miami and OU. Again like you I knew I wanted to major in psychology. I visited Miami first and thought that it was the place for me.....until I visited OU. I fell in love with OU and easily made the decision to attend. I can say it was the best decision I have ever made. The psychology department is wonderful and I enjoyed all of my courses. Professors were very helpful along the way and helped me get accepted into psychology grad programs. I then went to Cleveland State for my master's in psychology, but the program did not meet my OU quality expectations. After some work in the psych field I decided to change fields and in order to do so I had to take some classes at two community colleges and am now a graduate student at Ohio State in occupational therapy (if OU had the program, I would be there). I have now experienced 5 Ohio colleges and can say that OU has by far been the best and I miss it more and more with each school I attend. I had a great 4 years at OU where I was able to get a great education and have fun. Athens is full of wonderful people and I made many good friends and met my current boyfriend during our freshman year(the only decision we have made about a future wedding is that it will be in Athens). I haven not missed an OU Homecoming since I graduated in 2007 and I think the number of alumni that return just goes to show how many former Bobcats treasure their OU experience. In the end make the decision that is best for you, but I give my full recommendation for Ohio University and their psychology program. I hope you join our Bobcat family and good luck!

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    8 years ago

    I read these answers and I have to laugh, and to be honest I teared up a bit. I graduated from Ohio University just last spring. I was an education major with a minor in psychology and history. I now am in law school in Pittsburgh.

    Everything that is posed about OU here is true. I have met a lot of people here from different schools, and not one person is as passionate and proud to be alum of the institution that they came from. I had the time of my life in Athens, Ohio. I met the most incredible and unique people, many of which I would consider best friends. I joined what I would consider to the best sorority in the world, and met women that I will forever consider sisters.

    I made memories that will last a life time. There is not a single day that goes buy that I regret becoming a Bobcat, and as an out of state student that paid quite a lot of money to go there, thats a statement. I visited Miami when I was looking at schools as a high school senior, but I just didn't feel welcomed there, and I've heard many people that had the same experience.

    Ohio University isn't just a school, it is a home. It is a place be proud of, and a family after you graduate. If you want that, Ohio University is absolutely your answer.

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