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Someone hit me and I hit them back and now on bail for abh where do I stand?

I was out for drink with friends , we were cueing outside and man has argument with mate and I walk off there was a bit of pushing and shoving . Nothing to do with me , security then ask mate to leave and do so then the man runs up and starts to throw punches at me . But I left with mate saying you not worth it. Then cueing to get a cab he is there again shouting and screaming and comes over I then tell him to go away and he throws punch at me , I dodge I couple and he hit me with some then I throw him to the floor and and punched him 3 times in the head , we get broken up by someone else hiting me over the head and that is my part . But I am now arrested and on bail for abh they have CCTV of him attacking me first . To be honest I don't have clue how law works surely I'm the innocent and he should be on bail ??

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    Self defence only goes so far, I believe. Whether or not you punching him in the head 3 times while he was down will go against you I'm not sure. (even if he deserved it) sorry I wasn't more help but good luck.

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    It sounds like (and easily sounds like) which you probably did no longer devote ABH yet an common attack. via fact the police have CCTV evidence there is not any way around the attack cost yet they're going to ought to arise with evidence for the ABH (a bruised cheek won't be adequate). i might finally end up a lawyer, s/he would be waiting to tell you greater. while you're on a constrained earnings you would be waiting to get criminal help.

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    i think the doing you for abh because you punched him 3 times when he was down . 3 punches to the head i don't think will be classed has self defence the throwing to the ground may be but you may have gone a step to far in the eyes of the law

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    Since you were the one arrested, you will need a lawyer. Initially, it looks like a case of self-defense -- but then you say you threw him to the floor (self-defense) and then punched him in the head three times (maybe too much for self-defense.) So it's not open and shut -- but your lawyer will tell you how this case looks based on your laws. I hope you have the names of all the witnesses so your lawyer can talk to them.

    Did you file charges against the other guy?

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    I think the guy that had a go at you must have learning difficulties or psised and couldn't be trusted. You could say there was a real risk that he would get back up again and have another go. I say look after yourself keep them on the floor.

    I've been assaulted and in the heat of the moment you look after number one, if this retard got back up and pulled a knife on you who would be feeling sorry for who then?

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    7 years ago

    It does sound as if you overdid it - punching him in the head when he was on the ground is what did it. What you have written here is, in legal terms, and admission of your guilt. His initial aggression will be a mitigating factor when ir comes to sentencing, but is not enough to make you innocent.

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    You went beyond using reasonable force you need proper legal advice

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