Why can't women carry guns to protect themselves from illegal alien rapists?

When it comes to illegal immigration everyone knows that the Government is so incompetent that it has literally become retarded. So why shouldn't women carry guns to protect themselves and their children from illegal alien predators.


In what appears to be a growing national trend, an illegal immigrant with an extensive criminal record and multiple deportation orders remained in the U.S. long enough to commit yet another atrocious crime.

The tragic case in Washington State marks the latest of many examples illustrating the government’s inefficiency in keeping dangerous illegal aliens out of the United States, even when they have well-documented criminal histories and federal orders to leave the country.

In this case a Mexican national with an extensive criminal record and nine deportation orders raped a woman in Edmonds, a picturesque waterfront town famous for its views of the Olympic Mountains rising above Puget Sound. The illegal immigrant (Jose Lopez Madrigal) was first deported in California more than two decades ago and has since been convicted of a multitude of violent crimes, including armed theft, sexual assault and drug-related offenses.

The crimes were committed in different states—California and Colorado among them—and Madrigal had a staggering number of encounters with law enforcement in the last two decades, according to the local news report that broke the story of his multiple deportations. When he got arrested this last time, it took authorities longer than usual to learn his real identity because he had well over two dozen aliases.

The level of incompetence among federal immigration authorities in this case would be comical if Madrigal’s crimes weren’t so heinous. After the first deportation in 1989 for using a firearm to commit theft, Madrigal got deported several more times in the next few years. In 1999 he was deported three times in a four-month period after drug-related arrests. After a similar offense in 2000 he got deported yet again and in 2002 he got deported after pleading guilty to sexual assault in Denver. In 2003 Madrigal got deported three more times.


The difference is that illegal alien rapists seem to be invisible whereas all the other rapists are visible. If that is not a good enough reason to carry a gun then I don't know what is.

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  • 7 years ago
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    I can't understand why people think it's okay to live here illegally and why rapes from illegals aren't a problem. They treat you like a bigot - Other reports - including one recently released by the Pew Hispanic Center and figures used by the Center for Immigration Studies quoting 10 - 11 million illegal aliens present in the U.S. - rely heavily on U.S. Census data that many, we at TAR included, believe to be incomplete, inaccurate and artificially low.

    An independent study of the underground economy released in January 2005 by the Wall Street financial firm Bear Stearns, The Underground Labor Force is Rising to the Surface, produced estimates of 18-20 million illegal aliens present in the United States.

    We stand by our stated estimation.

    Please see below for a more detailed analysis and explanation.

    This analysis demonstrates that the December, 2003 Department of Homeland Security estimates of 8-12 million illegal aliens in the United States and 700,000 new illegals entering and staying per year represent significant undercounts.

    This analysis shows that it is reasonable to state that more than 20 million illegal aliens reside in the United States and approximately 10,000 illegal aliens enter the United States every day, or, as Arizona Senator John McCain reports – almost four million per year.

    This analysis also demonstrates that the proposed White House "guest worker" amnesty proposal of January, 2004 resulted in at least a 25% increase in the number of illegal aliens entering into the United States

    Arizona FBI Stats


    Posted on Monday, July 19, 2010 9:00:13 AM by safetysign

    The following information is compiled from Federal Bureau of Investigation and Department of Homeland Security reports:

    * 83% of warrants for murder in Phoenix are for illegal aliens.

    * 86% of warrants for murder in Albuquerque are for illegal aliens.

    * 75% of those on the most wanted list in Los Angeles , Phoenix and Albuquerque are illegal aliens.

    * 24.9% of all inmates in California detention centers are Mexican nationals

    * 40.1% of all inmates in Arizona detention centers are Mexican nationals

    * 48.2% of all inmates in New Mexico detention centers are Mexican nationals

    * 29% (630,000) convicted illegal alien felons fill our state and Federal prisons at a cost of $1.6 billion annually

    * 53% plus of all investigated burglaries reported in California, New Mexico, Nevada, Arizona and Texas are perpetrated by illegal aliens.

    * 50% plus of all gang members in Los Angeles are illegal aliens

    * 71% plus of all apprehended cars stolen in 2005 in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada and California were stolen by Illegal aliens or "transport coyotes".

    * 47% of cited/stopped drivers in California have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 47%, 92% are illegal aliens.

    * 63% of cited/stopped drivers in Arizona have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 63%, 97% are illegal aliens

    * 66% of cited/stopped drivers in New Mexico have no license, no insurance and no registration for the vehicle. Of that 66% 98% are illegal aliens.

    * 380,000 plus "anchor babies" were born in the US to illegal alien parents in just one year, making 380,000 babies automatically US citizens (which is UN-constitutional; illegal).

    * 97.2% of all costs incurred from those illegal births were paid by the American taxpayers.

    And remember YOU are supporting ALL of these illegals no matter where they are now. Every time another illegal runs the border breaking our laws, your pocket just gets lighter and robbed more.

    Join the Great American Voter Revolution on November 2, 2010, JUST VOTE THEM OUT. REMEMBER, Liberals are running out of "Other People's Money".

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  • 4 years ago

    Sometime pepper spray is not effective in a determined man trying to rape her. So I say she should carry a gun. In the courts women are looked at differently than men. If a woman killed a man attempting to rape her she would not get jail time. In Texas a man broke into a house and the woman shot him 5 times, she won't do any jail time. Pepper spray may stop some, but the ladies are better of with a handgun,and the training to use it correctly.

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  • 7 years ago

    Not sure what you are suggesting here. There are an average of 85,000 rapes(reported) in the US every year. I seriously doubt that illegal aliens commit the majority of them. So why not simply ask whether women shouldn't carry guns to prevent rape, period? Is rape by a different nationality worse than rape by a citizen?

    As to the rest of your harangue about the incompetence of the federal immigration authorities, how would you suggest they deal with the problem? They deported the guy multiple times, and each time he came back. Why, instead of deporting him, did they not jail him for a long time?

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  • 7 years ago

    The U.S. in entirely down on its head. What else can you expect?

    As for women carrying guns, I don't know about other states but it was reported a few months ago--way before the Newtown, Connecticut shooting--that more than 70,000 women in Florida had applied for and gotten gun licenses.



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  • 7 years ago

    Women have the right to choose to have an abortion if they are raped but they do not have the right to choose to have a gun to protect them from getting raped to begin with.

    Source(s): Liberal Logic.
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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I think that we need to talk to these illegal immigrants and see if we can negotiate citizenship in exchange for that invisibility technology.

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  • They can in most states

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  • 7 years ago

    Nancy Lanza's arsenal of guns did not protect her from her own teenage son ... !

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    If you turn your logic upon itself will you find that it's false or self-contradictory?

    For example , "there are no prophets, because I am one and have had the revelation from eternity to eternity that there are no prophets."

    Or for example, "I've searched all eternity, have become God, and therefore know that there is no God?"

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  • 7 years ago

    'illegal alien rapists'? But not your domestic rapists? I'm not sure why you think there is a difference.

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