Dell Latitude D820. I want to connect it to my HDTV. which types of cables I need?

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    8 years ago
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    Here are the specs for your laptop:

    It doesn't have an HDMI port, only VGA. So you'd use a VGA cable and you'd connect it to the VGA input on your HDTV. This one would work fine, and also has the audio cable attached.

    *** Update ***

    You could also go the route Brian has suggested (with a VGA to HDMI converter) but it's not necessary to go through all of that, unless your HDTV doesn't have a VGA port. In that case, you'd need a converter (although the signal quality won't be any better)

    So if your TV has a VGA port, using a VGA cable is the simple and easy solution.

  • 8 years ago

    hi sara

    the main problem here is the Dell Latitude D820 does not have a hdmi port,infact it only supports a older vga(d-sub) port which is anologue,so what we need to do is find a way of using the vga port (or another output ) to connect to your HDTV

    and the good news is i have found the " VGA to HDMI Video Converter with Audio"( ) .. this device basically converts the anologue signals to digital and this can then ( along with the HD audio ) transmit vga signals into HDMI .....

    you will also require :

    1) a HDMI cable ( ) and a

    2) audio cable ( )

    3) vga cable ( )

    you then need to connect one end of the vga cable to your laptops vga output,then the other end into the vga to hdmi converter..... then connect the HDMI cable from the converter to your HDTV and then the audio cables go into the converters red and white audio ports which then connect to the red and white audio ports on your HDTV

    if you have no red/white audio ports on your HDTV then you can use some other active speaker source... for example a 2.1 speaker system or a auxillary input on a hi-fi .....

    and thats it .... granted theres other similar devices that do the same thing,however this is the most straightforward and is easy enough for most end users

    i hope this has helped sara ... any questions let me know

    good luck !

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