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Will my cat die if she ate the mouse that ate rat poison?

Well mi family gave the mice d-con two days ago and a whole box was eaten. today I discovered that it was actually two mice cause the box was emptied so quickly. so couple hrs ago the mice only ate a lil bit from the box and my cat discovered them and found one alive and ate it as I heard crunching noises and soon as I got to my cat the tail of the muse was remaining. at this point im concerned cause I had my cat from a kitten to an adult since 2005 and my cat never been injured or had health problems. sadly I cant get in touch with a vet cause its midnight and no one is answering their phones. so do I feed her lots of water, food?

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  • BJ
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    Yes she could. This would be a poisoning even though she didn't eat it directly. Call your nearest emergency clinic as they will be open when the vets are closed. She needs to be seen and treated as soon as possible - do not wait - do not take a chance with her life. Important is to take the empty box with you as this will give the vets important information on how to treat.

    Source(s): Worked at an emergency clinic
  • 7 years ago

    Yes your cat can and will die from this get it to the vet ASAP

    If no vets are open you need to bring it to an emergency vet clinic but it needs to get in right away

  • RJ
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    7 years ago

    Call poison control. They answer 24/7. Also call your local emergency vet-every town has one or has one nearby.

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