Hamilton heights reputation and vacationing?

Planning a vacation to NY, and was looking at a place in Hamilton heights. But have heard things about surrounding areas. But I myself havnt heard if Hamilton heights.. Any reputations? How about it vacation-ers?

Anything may help..


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  • 8 years ago
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    Hamilton Heights is the name of the neighborhood in the west side of the Harlem area in upper Manhattan.

    It is bordered by the Hudson River on the west, West 155th St to the north, St. Nicholas Av to the east and West 135th St to the south. West 145th St off Broadway is somewhat the center of the area.


    It is mainly a residential area with City College at 137th St and Broadway. So there would be a number of students in the area mixed in with everyone else.

    I don't know what you heard about the surrounding areas but I would say a good part of it may very well be true.



    It would not be considered a go-to place for vacationers.

  • 8 years ago

    Hamilton Heights has a few sites for people visiting NYC. The area is named after Alexander Hamilton, one of the nation's founding fathers. His house still stands and was recently renovated. It sits in a lovely park called St. Nicholas Park on the fringe of City College. More info about the Hamilton Grange can be found below.



    Hamilton Heights has some amazing architecture, and there are some walking tours available in the neighborhood. I would refer to Harlem One Stop for info about it. www.harlemonestop.com

    Just north of Hamilton Heights is another historic home called Morris-Jumel Mansion. George Washington's used this house as his headquarters during the Revolutionary War. They have lots of events including the celebration of Hamilton's and Washington's birthdays (in January and February).


  • 8 years ago

    Well, let me put it to you this way: You need to watch your surroundings moreso than somewhere in say, Midtown Manhattan. It isn't a terrible neighborhood, but it's not the greatest.

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