Questions about DSP & Pledis Entertainment Auditions!?

Hello! I have some questions about the auditions of both companies ^^

(It would be a great honor if you help me ;_;)

1. Both companies accept auditions by email?

2. It is possible that both companies accept foreign people? (I speak of people of America)

3. Is that if the person is an foreign as much need to know to speak Korean or English, no? for example I have not got a good base of English i speak Spanish. (Same with over time teach you Korean)

4. If the person comes to Korea the company gives a "department" not?

5. How many "stages" have an audition? (from both companies)

6. The companies are very strict with the appearance? (For example I am Tomboy, like Amber of f(x)

On the other hand I have another question... If the person did not finish his studies (for example High school) can finish school in Korea? I read that there is a school for foreigners o.o

Okay! That's all~ I have only these doubts ^^ THANKS for responding!!~

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  • 8 years ago
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    As far as i know Dsp and pledis dont accept foreigners. Try for Sm, Yg, jyp or cube.

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