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USMC. so im a marine in soi itb and i have. recon contract and i wanna drop it?

So I know if I complete itb I can drop on request and I'll be on stand by after graduation and I'll be reassigned a new contract not of my choice. Probably a cook. And my question is. At the split of itb. The 5 week point. Can I drop my contract then? Cause in the end I won't be infantry And I don't wanna waste the corps' time and money

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    I don't understand what exactly it is you're asking. A recon contract only gives you a try out for recon. Is this what you want to drop? If so let them know and you will be dropped. They wont change your MOS field just because you ask to be dropped from recon.

    Either way you must finish ITB and you're going to be an infantryman for your enlistment.

    If you are saying you want to be dropped from the infantry field, then dream on.

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    Guess what? You're gonna be a POG. Lmao. Every time you get a kill on Call of Duty, you're gonna be like, "I learned that in ITB".

    Seriously though, for the future , tell your NCOIC or some sh*t that we are tired of the sh*t food and yall should mix it up every now and then ;)

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    huh ?

    you drop recon

    then you will just finish SOI and be assigned infantry

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