So I have a boyfriend...?

So we started dating on the first of the year. We don't go to the same school,so we don't see eachother very often. We talk everyday/night. He is pretty when I do go on a date with him,how can I feel comfortable with him touching me alot...?

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  • 8 years ago
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    Well you are either ok with that or you are not. If you have Chemistry, you will want the hanky panky as much as him. If your not so hot about that, then you need to make those boundaries clear to him and let him know that you dont want him to be all touchy feely all the time. If he cant handle that then you need to find yourself a new guy who will respect your boundaries. Maybe you really like him and would like to have some fun, but he needs to slow it down and be more private about it. Just talk to him honestly if you really like him and he will most certainly be willing to do things your way. The bottom line is that ALL guys are horn dogs and they want to get you in the sack. Some are direct, some are discreet, but all want what nature is telling them they want. Its your body so you call the shots. Remember, in this world, Women control 100% of the female body interactions, so who really controls the world?? :) Good luck!

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