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Pleease help me with my bunny cage.?

I made it out of cardboard and other stuff shown in another question. Can i put a thin plank of wood around the catrdboard to prevent my bunny from chewing through it?

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    Some people have mentioned the C&C cages (also known as NIC cages), and have given you a link on how to make them. If funds are limited, there is another way to make them that doesn't require wood or a drill. You mentioned you had around $40. You can make a nice size cage with that using NIC grids or by buying an x-pen. A box of grids is about $20-$25. The x-pen will cost a bit more.

    Here is a smaller version of a NIC that I made without wood. You can see I have a rug for the bottom that has a piece of linoleum underneath to be waterproof. If your bunny isn't already litter trained (rescue rabbits sometimes are already) then you can skip the carpet and just use linoleum. (A tarp might also work IF your bunny doesn't chew it. Some bunnies do, some don't).


    Another option is to buy an exercise pen. Again, use linoleum or a tarp for the bottom if bunny isn't trained yet. Here's a sample of how I set up and x-pen. I made the area large by using one of my house walls for the cage wall (as you will see in photo).


    The cheapest x-pen I've found was here (I wouldn't go less than 30" in height)


    If you have further questions, just ask. oh, and yahoo keeps emails private if you want to email me. Just click on my avatar.

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    It would serve as a ok temporary cage. but the urine will soak into it and create a mess. Craigs list has a free stuff section and people are aways giving away cages so check there. I got a couple of free bunnies from there too! Just a side note, use caution and common sence when dealing with people on Craigslist be safe aways bring a buddy with you when meeting people and if your a kid get your parents permission to browse let your parents call and never give anyone personal info.

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    This is how I built my cage (couldn't afford a deluxe bunny house).


    I didn't have cable ties but had insulated copper wires. They work a lot better! Also I didn't use dowels because they were unstable. Instead I made the house like this:

    For the 2nd story floors, I cut out cardboard and placed

    it on the wire and put a fluffy blanket on the cardboard

    so the bunny could sleep on it.


    Source(s): I BUILT A CAGE :D
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    No. Rabbits can gnaw through wood. Cage sides need to be sturdy wire for ventilation reasons. In addition, wood is porous and will soak up urine, quickly becoming a disgusting mess. If you can't afford a proper cage or material for a safe cage, you have no business owning a rabbit. They aren't cheap to maintain. http://www.binkybunny.com/BUNNYINFO/tabid/53/Categ...

    add: Even a c&c cage will cost more than you have. You need multiple boxes of grids (2-3 or more) to make a cage large enough for a rabbit, at $20-25+ per box. You need cage clips or cable ties to fasten them together. You need sheets of linoleum or coroplast for the floor. You may need dowels or other supports to reinforce. Plywood for any second stories or shelves. A snap to fasten the door. All of which together far exceed the small amount of money you said you had in prior questions.

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    The bunny might eat the plank of wood as well...but you can give it a try... :)

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    7 years ago

    My rabbits are in an old play pen, their great and very chew proof. http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&tbo=d&site=webh...

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