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Who was a better Sam Tyler, John Simm or Jason O'Mara?

On 'Life on Mars'?

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    There really isn't a debate here: John Simm originated the role of Sam Tyler and inhabited him with such a grounding in reality that no one could compare with Simm's performance. Even though Tyler was (as Simm described him) a "bit of a dick," we still cared about him and rooted for him. Was he mad, in a coma or back in time? Whatever the answer, we wanted him to find happiness. John Simm made me feel everything Sam Tyler went through -- his pain, his joy, his confusion.

    The only time I felt any emotion in the American version was seeing the Twin Towers, which had nothing to do with Jason O'Mara's performance.

    I should mention that I am an American, and watched the US Life on Mars with total ignorance of its predecessor. I thought it was just "okay," but I really didn't care that much about the characters (did dislike Windy though). When I discovered the original version, I couldn't believe how wonderful that show could have been, if it had had an actor as good as John Simm.

    No contest: John Simm (who also played a much better Cal McCaffrey in the original Brit 6-part series State of Play than did Russell Crowe in the movie of the same name).

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  • 7 years ago

    The original, of course - John Simm! Do you even have to ask? ;-)

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