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how do i add a deep cycle battery for car audio?

I am wanting to add a deep cycle battery in the trunk of my car for my amplifiers. Now i know if you run wires straight from the front battery to the back in parallel that wound work but that puts more stress on you alternator. I don't want to upgrade alternators and I have heard that there is a way to isolate the two batteries with relays. Any help would be appreciated.

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    it wont stress your alt much is you run it in parallel as long as you dont listen to the system when the car is off. also, make sure you run the positive from the front batt, to the back batt and just ground the other batt. dont run the neg from the front batt to the back. also, you can get an isolator for it if you want too. just search on youtube how to install one and you should get results. hope this helps

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    they sell relays for batteries that uses stock battery to start and back battery for system ... you can find one on

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