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If you become a puppet master, which ten people do you want to control? What venus/mars aspect do you have?

List the ten people (or five) of your choices, how do you feel? You feel like you're an Illuminati because they do the same thing, pulling the strings and controlling the elite puppets. Also tell me your Venus/mars aspect so that I can understand how these astrologically impact your choices.


1. Bill Gates

2. David Stern

3. Tom Cruise

4. Charlotte Arnold

5. Stephen Spielberg

6. Giorgio Armani

7. Chef Ramsay

8. Stephen Harper

9. Hugh Hefner

10. Judge Judy

Cancer Venus

Scorpio mars

Venus trine mars

Mars conjunction saturn

Mars conjunction midheaven


Please explain why your venus and mars affect your choice. My Cancer venus appreciates good food, good taste in beauty, food and style. Charlotte, Ramsay and Armani represent these categories. As well as Spielberg due to his fantasy fiction films, his imaginative ideals intrigue me, I want to control his mind so that I can absorb all of his ingenious imaginative ability. Scorpio mars is all about lust for power and sex, so powerful people like Gates, Stern, Cruise and Harper are people who's in lust for superiority, part of my mars crave for these superiority, controlling them is like controlling powerful things.

Update 2:

Controlling Ramsay to cook food for me, and Armani to give me new clothing each month and Arnold to whatever.

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  • Bree
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    7 years ago
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    Hey! I'm a child of the 90s and I grew up learning from Disney films. And they have taught me that THIS IS WRONG!! LOL. Aladdin wasn't allowed make someone fall in love with him because you shouldn't be allowed to control how other people feel :)

    That being said, If I really had to pick. I'd pick people.....


    Chuck Norris

    Ronald MacDonald

    Rick Astley

    Chris Brown

    Charlie Sheen

    Tinky winky

    Mc Hammer

    Edison Chen (No, not for his icky sex LOL)

    All the peoples who need to learn a lesson ;)

    Pisces Sun/Venus

    Taurus Mars.

  • 7 years ago

    1. Adam Lambert -.-

    2. Queen of England.

    3. The Prime Minster of this country.

    4. The Mayor of this town.

    5. Will Poulter.

    6. Adele.

    7. Kelly Clarkson.

    8. Ellen DeGeneres.

    9. Graham Norton.

    10. J.K. Rowling.

    Aries Venus, 1H.

    - Square Uranus, Neptune

    Pisces Mars, 12H.

    - Opposite Moon

    - Conjunction Saturn

    I don't know what you mean by "You feel like you're an Illuminati because they do the same thing, pulling the strings and controlling the elite puppets", as I don't feel like that at all, actually v_v I will just bring them all to my house so we can have dinner together ^__^ Except 3 and 4, I just want to knock some sense into them a bit ...

  • 7 years ago

    Any celebrity right? :)


    1) Megan Fox

    2) Selena Gomez

    3) Vanessa Hudgens

    4) Britney Spears

    5) Lindsay Lohan


    6) Ian Somerhalder

    7) Michael Trevino

    8) Zac Efron

    9) Jay Sean

    10) Robert Pattinson

    I don't really get this but just give it a try. Hahaha.

    Source(s): Scorpio Venus Leo Mars
  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    1. Secretary of State Clinton

    2. Meg Whitman (CEO of Hewlett Packard)

    3. John G. Stumpf (CEO of Wells Fargo)

    4. William H. Swanson (CEO of Raytheon)

    5. George Soros (The puppetmaster of the liberal base)

    6. Ban Ki-moon (Secretary General of the UN)

    7. Michael R. Bloomberg (NYC mayor and philanthropist)

    8. Warren Buffett

    9. Ted Turner

    10. Oprah Winfrey

    Capricorn Venus,Mercury and Sun

    Pisces Mars

    Mars conjunct ascendant

    I chose most of them because of their philanthropic backgrounds and political leanings. I would choose people who's political views, donations and influences could shift potential outcomes on votes and to whom I could redirect their energies and monies to do the most good.

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  • Anonymous
    7 years ago

    I can only think of 5 right now.

    1. David Cameron (I hate him so much)

    2. Boris Johnson

    3. Ed Miliband lol

    4. Ken Livingston

    5. Gordon Brown (I feel sorry for him, he handled things so badly all he needed was a bit of guidance and support)

    Source(s): Pisces venus Taurus mars Venus trine pluto
  • -
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    7 years ago

    Lol Judge Judy. Good one.

    1-5 - One Direction

    6. Ashley Greene

    7. Kristen Steward

    8. Taylor Lautner

    9. Emma Stone

    10. Tom Cruise

  • ­
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    7 years ago

    1. Giada De Laurentiis - She needs to cook for me. LOL I'm not sure why in my chart...Cancer venus? :S

    2. Zach Braff - He's cute and I like him. It'd be kinda funny to control him.

    3. Dule Hill - Same as Zach Braff. and I'd make him dance funny.

    4. Bill O'Reilly lol, I'd love to control him. >:3 - He's usually a dckweed.. It'd be funny to make a fool out of him.

    5. Sarah Palin - I am from Alaska, I have to say her, don't I? - I don't like her. I'll make a fool out of her too.

    6. Nermal - Nermal is cute =^o^= I will overtake his body, and everyone will love me. :3

    7. Cartman xD - I will make him streak around town and crush all my enemies with his 'big bones'

    8. Dallas Green <33 - I love his music. I'd make him write songs about my friends and family, and myself.

    9. Bassekou Kouyate - Just because I like his music. I love African music.

    10. Jake Gyllenhaal - Same as Dule and Zach. :P

    I'm not sure why for all of them, but I just want to control them xD MUAHAHAHAHA I WILL CONTROL YOU ALL! :3

    I think that for most of these Venus square Pluto would be the culprit because it's a manipulative aspect. I've overcome it mostly, but in this situation I definitely think it'd come into play. For the people I don't like, I think that Mars square moon would come into play. They anger me, so I will seek revenge... for the silly ones. I'm not really sure. :x

    Source(s): Cancer venus Virgo mars Venus sextile mars Venus sextile jupiter Venus opposition saturn Venus square pluto Venus square psyche Venus conjunct asc Venus trine MC Mars square moon Mars sextile venus Mars conjunct jupiter Mars trine saturn Mars square uranus Mars square neptune Mars square eros Mars opposition MC
  • 7 years ago

    You work with the secret society called Illuminati? lol because thats what they do control folks and then kill them.

  • 7 years ago

    What are you talking about ?

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