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Best looks for big changes?!?

Hello, so I want to have HUGE changes in my life, since it's a new year, I want everything to start fresh, I did have huge changes before, but now I want even bigger changes, and I need some helpful and good answers. I am back in the gym and starting to loose the weight i gained since I gave up on everything. And I was tired of giving everything up, and now want to achieve my goals, but after I loose weight, I want some new changes in my style, haircut, and maybe even makeup. I have black hair that are passing my shoulder, blue eyes and the type of clothing I always wear is kind of edgy, and fun. When it comes to makeup i always have winged eyeliner, mascara, foundation, and etc. And when it comes to hair, I have it crimped and use hairspray a lot. So yeah. I want a BIG makeover. Don't tell me to go ''bald'' that's not funny. The hair colors I had, honey blonde ( when I was 11-13) then chestnut brown, ginger ( by accident) and now black. So help me out? I'd really appreciate it. I wan't a brand new style, because I'm going to be 18 next month and I will start a new life. :) So makeup, hair and style. Any suggestions? Thank you. ( P.s. I'm also going to get some tattoos I but deep thaught in and yeah) help out people! p.s.s. this is me. ( don't be rude) :


Also, Should I get a lip piercing? I wanted to, but I have doubts now. Help out. :)

Update 2:

Thanks! But I was also wondering does short blonde hair suit me too? maybe like platinum blonde? and I probably will want a little bit of edge, because I really love edgy styles. :)

Update 3:

I never had short hair, so i'm thinking maybe I should get a short hair? like pixie cut with long bangs? Kind of like P!NK. I sometimes get really angry with my long hair. Haha. And I do have hair extensions, I sometimes clip them on. :)

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    Everything depends on your style, but the way I see you is like you said "edgy" but if you want a HUGE makeover then you have to change everything. Now lets say you wanna become more "girly"

    Makeup: don't do the winged eyeliner as exotic as you would just simply do a thin line , & wear fake eyelashes.. the dark color will bring out your colored eyes. The foundation should be the same and add a little blush this time.

    Hair: Stay the same color you have right now, or maybe even dye it a redish/burgundy color. & wear extensions to have longer hair and make your bangs go straight down instead of the side.. something like this

    Style: With these hair and makeup suggestions any style can go with this but I'm suggesting you go to a "girly" with vintage side. You don't have to necessarily wear pink but in this style there are a lot of different colors and flowers involved! Here are some pics:

    Hope I helped and Good Luck (:

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    Well I possess been coloring my hair blonde with regard to a long time now. It's not really black but a dark brown. The particular main reason I do this will be to hide the gray hairs that my kids are starting to give me. I trying to hide the age.

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    I think blonde hair will be sexiest, but brown hair can become really sexy too. Black hair is never sexy. It's just really uninteresting and boring and flatters few caractère. Blonde hair looks best with blue eyes.

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