Anthropology undergrad with no clue about career options?

So backstory: I am officially half way through my junior year as an anthro undergrad. I currently have an associates in social science and a "certificate" (not entirely sure what it is) in international studies from a 2 year communtiy college. I have worked in the medical field for the past 6 years and have extensive training and knowledge in medical administration/ insurance company dealings... I also have taught english as a second language before. I DO NOT want to be an administrative assistant anymore (hence why I went back in the first place) and I know I have the option to teach english abroad after graduation but I don't want to pigeonhole my career choices. I am fully aware I most likely will not work within my field with just the bachelor's degree and anthropology is such a broad field with training in a ton of of areas that I am having trouble narrowing down my career search. I would like to have some ideas before scheduling an appointment with my advisors/ career center at school. I also have a book about careers for anthropology majors but haven't had a chance to really read it yet. Also I would like to do an internship as well and again not sure even what kind of internship I am looking for but any information regarding this would also be extremely useful... Or any websites that offer career help other than monster and career builder?

soooooooo any advice is greatly appreciated, especially if you majored in anthropology and have a job... thank you


I am well aware I will not be working within the anthropology field with just a bachelor's degree. I chose this major because it is so broad and covers many aspects of human life while teaching me how to do research, how to write a coherent paper/ethnography/ report/ article, communicate with people easier especially those from other cultures, a better understanding of both written history and prehistory, and so much other good stuff without forcing me into narrow career options while distinguishing me from others who majored in something like marketing or business management... Plus when doing my research initially when deciding what to major in this field of study had a good reputation with getting hired upon graduation because of the ever increasing globalized world, however there are slim to none academic antrho jobs/ museum jobs available... I am asking people to think outside of the box and to give me other options to look into other than teaching (not at the college level) a

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    Why don't you ask this question, before you start a college major. There are virtually zero jobs in anthropology. If you go to the American Anthropological Association it has a list of jobs that people do with anthropology = almost none of them are related to anthropology.

    I have a friend who has a degree in anthropology from one of the California UC schools. She volunteered at a natural science museum for 18 months after graduation. She eventually got at job there ~ in the ticket booth... (she graduated 3 years ago)

    - that's pretty much as close to anthropology, that an anthropology major will ever get.

    Ask your professors what kind of jobs their graduates are doing?

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