In arrhenius equation we know K=Ae^(-Ea/KbT).. It says k(rate constant) is directly proportional to?

the temperature..I feel it should be inversely proportional. .it is also possible that my mathematical assumption is wrong.. In any-case please help??

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    arrhenius equation K=Ae^(-Ea/KbT)

    Although it is not easy to see the relationship between the rate constant and the absolute temperature from the equation, if we break it down into steps perhaps it will help.

    > The temperature appears in the term Ea/RT

    > If T increases then the term Ea/RT gets smaller

    > However in the Arrhenius equation Ea/RT has a negative value, therefore as T increases Ea/RT gets LESS negative.

    > So as -Ea/RT is the power to which 'e' is raised then the term e^-Ea/RT gets larger (as the power gets less negative) as the temperature increases.

    >The rate constant is directly proportional to the term e^-Ea/RT and so the rate constant gets larger as T gets larger.


    K=Ae^(-Ea/KbT) can be written as

    ln K = ln A - Ea/KbT

    log K = log A -( Ea/ 2.303 KbT)

    this is in the form

    y = mx +c , equation of straight line

    by drawwing graph also, u can conclude it....

    hope this will help........

  • 7 years ago

    Rate constant shows an exponential increase with temperature. K=e^(-Ea/ RT).

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