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Bommah asked in Games & RecreationCard Games · 8 years ago

MTG: Please help improve my green/black deck?


1X Disciple of Bolas

1X Stonefare Crocodile

1X Veilborn Ghoul

1X Slum Reaper

1X Korozda Guildmage

1X Acidic Slime

1X Corpsejack Menace

1X Gobbling Ooze

1X Zanikev Locust

1X Sewer Shambler

1X Terrus Wurm

1X Dreg Mangler

2X Drudge Beetle

2X Korozda Monitor

2X Sluiceway Scorpion

2X Slitherhead

2X Golgari Longlegs

3X Walking Corpse


1X Golgari Guildgate

12X Swamp

12X Forest


2X Golgari Keyrune

Other Spells:

1X Grisly Salvage

1X Mutilate

1X Rites of Reaping

2X Launch Party

2X Murder

2X Essence Drain

So essentially I'm looking to build a deck with a theme of recycling the dead and dealing out damage to my enemy to drain them, obviously scavenge is going to be a key part of my deck.

I'd really like some advice on what cards to get more of, what to replace ect. Most of this was put together from cards from my spare pile. Any help would be great, many thanks in advance.


Also, it'll be easier once I know what cards I'm looking for, I can just go out and trade for them or something.

Update 2:

@Adachi Tohru

Thanks for telling me what I already know, pal. I know I need more than one copy for most of these cards here. And my deck is aiming for a theme, recycling the dead to benefit the living, I already stated that scavenge was going to be a key mechanic to my deck. Also I was looking for advice on what to get more of, what to get rid of and such, but apart from telling me I have too many lands you've done nothing constructive.

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    There are a few places where you can test draws and even play your deck idea. Check out cockatrice.

    You need to pick 7-10 cards that you have 4 of in your deck. Sometimes having one-of's, 2 or 3, might have a purpose but for your early deck creation ideas try to stick with 4-of's.

    If you add all of the CMC (Converted mana cost) together for your entire deck, and then divide by the number of cards in your deck, you want the "curve" to be between 3 and 4.

    Source(s): MTG Pro 10+ years
  • 8 years ago

    Horrible deck.

    1. Mostly ones and twos of cards so you won't draw them during a game.

    2. No real theme or purpose to your deck.

    3. Too many lands. 25 is too many for a deck like this,

  • 4 years ago

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