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own possesss belong 的差異?

Mr.Kim is allowed to drive that car whenever he pleases, but it really _____ to the company he works for.




答案是 C


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    8 years ago
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    Yes, all 4 choices can be right, but 3 of them need to alter the sentence to make it right and mean the same:

    The company, he works for, owns (or possesses) it.

    It is the property of the company that he works for.

    ( in the original sentence, there is only ONE car, so "property" needs to be singular form)

    2013-01-05 14:50:02 補充:

    basically, when you use "own" or "possess", the subject needs to be the owner.

    when you use "belong", the subject needs to item that is owned.

    "property" is a noun, not a verb.

    2013-01-05 14:50:35 補充:

    need to item ==> needs to be item

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