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First premier bank credit ? to build credit?

i have a secure cc with us bank they dont charge interest or fees i have it for 300$ but my credit scores not building up i know first premier bank cc has an apr 36.0% how much interest is that of 100$? ive never financed anything so i have no clue i know its gona be moore n higher rates than any other cc but will it build my credit? and points? thanks

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    If you charge $100 and you pay the minimum, it will be about $34$36 next month. To avoid it, you should always pay the balance. If they belong to the credit bureau, you'll have a fair score of 620/659 in 24 months and a good score 660/749 in 24 months.

    Source(s): Retired bill collector 35 years
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    Stay clear away from First Premier Bank.

    Some people call this card the devil in plastic.

    Was this mailed to you?

    Get a secured card from US bank or Wells Fargo.

    Replace the money in full each month. Pay in full each month.

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    36% of $100 is $36 per year, which would be charged monthly, at $3 per month.

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