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Airplane ear question?

so i'm going on an airplane and I heard from somewhere that if i get airplane ear i have to hold my nose closed and my mouth and blow and this will release the pressure from my ears. is this true? and will affect me in the air as opposed to being on the ground?

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    You don't normally have to do anything. Your ears will become slightly blocked but they will unblock ("pop") themselves as the airplane climbs or descends, very much like what happens when you drive up into the mountains by car.

    The only time there is a problem is if your ears don't pop on their own. Then you may have to help them, by swallowing or chewing something, by yawning, or by pinching your nose closed, closing your mouth, exhaling, and swallowing, which works in practically every case. If your ears don't pop, they can become very painful until they do.

    If you have a cold, allergies, sinus troubles, or any other condition that might affect the ability of your ears to pop, you should avoid flying if you can, as this can cause ear block, which is extremely painful and can rupture your eardrums. Decongestants can help if you must fly while sick.

    The popping noise comes from your eustachian tubes, which are thin tubes that connect your middle ear to your mouth and nose inside your head. Normally they are closed, but when pressure differences build up during an airplane flight, they periodically open for a second or two to let pressure equalize, and that's when you hear the popping sound.

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    It's air pressure that causes that. The air pressure is higher on the ground than in the air and this pushes on your eardrums (there is pressure behind your drums and it needs to equalise). I get it a lot when I fly.

    Don't blow, you can damage your ears. To get your ears to normal just swallow. The best is to suck a sweet on take off (landing generally is easier on your ears).

    If you have a cold you need to see your doc and get meds for the flight ... you can literally burst your eardrums from pressure (I would suggest getting the meds anyway as you may get a cold from where ever you are going)

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    Yes, or just suck a sweet or make swallowing motions. You only need to do that thing (the SCUBA ear-clearing trick) if you have a bad cold. Flying is about the same as diving to 20ft; SCUBA divers regularly dive to 100ft - 5x as much pressure difference.

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    yes its true, it can help with ear pressure but it can also damage your ears. if you're looking for the best solution when flying, go to a pharmacy and ask for something called earplanes, basically its a filter that regulates the air pressure, and its completely natural

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    no it is not true .

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