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Is my workout plan and eating plan in good order, and school lunch issue?

Okay so my #1 New Years Resolutions goal is to lose weight. I'm sick of feeling ugly inside and not being healthy, and so on December 31st I told my Mom I wanted to lose weight and that I wanted to start my diet right when I wake up the first day of 2013. Luckily, she's good at this stuff thus she's done it herself.

Here's some information before I start explaining so you get a better idea on if this will work..

Age: 15

Gender: Female

Current height: 5'4

Current weight: my Mom said I look around maybe 180

Ok so my Mom says I should probably lose up to 50 pounds so I'm within my ideal weight, which is what a chart says 108-132 lbs. My Mom gave me this 50-60 minute workout tape called "Party Off The Pounds!" the instructor's name is Richard Simmons, and he has you warm-up, a 30-40 minute workout, then maybe a 5-10 minute cool-down. So far I've been really sore considering this is my fourth day exercising since it's 4 days into 2013, and I think that means a good thing. Now I'm going to explain my eating habits and see if this works as well......

At home:

I eat two times a day(I wake up late lol I'm a typical teenager) a lunch and dinner, used to be with dessert but I stopped and my Mom knows what's healthy and what's not so she's been helping me choose what to eat.....

At school/when I get home:

When I get off the bus of the mornings l go to the cafeteria and eat breakfast, I get a regular milk little carton and one of those little bowls of cereal the school has in packages. I pour the regular milk into the plastic bowl and eat the cereal. If it helps, I've been getting the Multigrain Frosted Flakes instead of regular froot loops because I know anything with grain makes it more healthy.

Now lunch is what's been worrying me, the issue is that some days they have nothing completely healthy and my Mom has to study the menu I printed out for her from the school district website and see which is better. For example, yesterday it was between a hamburger and a corn dog. My Mom had me get the hamburger but remove one of the buns, then I had gotten an apple with it and baked beans. Today instead of the pizza I got the chicken noodle soup and the issue with that is that the soups come with cheese toast. My Mom said I could eat the cheese toast because all it was, was a slice of American melted on top of the toast which wasn't a lot, and she says that the key to losing weight is portion control, healthy eating, and exercise. What I'm scared of is since I sometimes have to eat something unhealthy but less unhealthy than the other choice of meal, it might slow down my weight loss????????????? I always try to get salad or vegetables and a fruit so I at least have one or two things healthy on my tray.

and when I get home my Mom helps me eat a healthy dinner. :)

So do you think this workout and eating plan will work? Will I lose the excess weight? I started using the bathroom a lot tonight even though I hadn't eaten since when I got home from school, does that mean the plan's working? Also, I wanna know if this is fast enough to be done in like 6 months because I'm turning 16 in June and I'm going on a cruise for my birthday and I want to have already lost the weight by then, do you guys think I'll be skinny by then? If not please tell me something(that won't harm my body) that will help me lose faster. I'm not losing weight just because of the cruise, I wanna feel beautiful and be healthy.

Thanks for whoever takes the time to read this and helps me out. :)

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    I think that all sounds great! And it sounds like you have a really helpful, super mom, too.

    I can see why you'd be worried about cafeteria food, You mom is right, portion control will save you there. You can eat a slightly unhealthy lunch and be perfectly ok!

    You can look at this webpage. It shows portion control and a really easy eating structure to follow.

    Will you lose all that weight in 6 months? You might! Your body usually will only release a couple pounds a week, no matter what you do.

    When my husband started running, he could hardly make it 100 feet. Then when he was running lots of miles a week, he was still only losing a couple pounds a week.

    Lily, here's the key. Give yourself lots of time. All those changes you're making with your eating and exercise - make them permanent. Don't deprive yourself for 6 months to lose weight, then go back to what you were doing before.

    I'm very hopeful for you! Don't give up - keep going for months and months. In the whole course of your life, what is 6 months (or even a year)?

    p.s. I went on a cruise. You'll have just as much fun no matter what weight you are. I saw teenagers of every shape and size, but they were having fun together. And there's a lot of good, healthy choices for food, so you'll love it.

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