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Why is Windows 7 booting so slow on my SSD?

I have an Intel 520 SSD and it takes 19 seconds from when the screen turns on to right when I get into Windows.

My friends also have SSD and they say their computer can boot in 5 seconds. How can I make it go quicker?

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    My god. What do you do during those endless 14 seconds? I think I would probably die of boredom.

    I think your friends are exaggerating. But if you want to figure out what's going on run some benchmark tests. What's your bus speed? Ram speed? Are you booting the same build? Is your SSD running any of the memory-preservation routines you can opt in or out of? Are you connecting yours via SATA 1, 2, or 3? What are they doing?

    The time you'll spend troubleshooting this will never be made up by any increase you get in boot time. Not in aggregate over the rest of your life.

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    I think the point is that if Windows is taking so long to boot in this system, then it's probably not getting the other speed boosts SSD users typically realize. A few extra seconds of boot time isn't that important, an entire computer that's running slower certainly is.

    Without more details, it's impossible to say why your computer is booting slower. Do you have your OS installed on the SSD? Do you have TRIM enabled? What about the rest of your computer, are your CPU and RAM powerful enough to run Windows comfortably, or are they struggling to keep up?

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    Well, some newer versions of computers are SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO BOOT FASTER. They probably boot fast because the booted version of windows is thinned down to reduce boot times. 5 seconds is incredible time for a boot; it would require special configuration of the motherboard to POST really quickly and to skip all unnecessary services to run windows. Look around on the internet; for example:

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    You may just need to clean up the computer some. A good computer cleaning program to use is CCleaner. It is probably slow because you may have too many things starting up when your computer turns on and bad registry keys. CCleaner can fix those

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    De Frag your computing gadget to freshen up area, test for Viruses and issues like that. once you restartt your computing gadget press Del and look at your BIOS info, you may discover an option to do rapid Boot

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