United states postal service: how do they handle forwarding?

I put in a change of address form but I did it in my current city not he town where I previously lived they told me it would b quickerbut that was on only day I could do it cuz I never get outta work early enough but anyways I wanted to know what's the post office process of forwarding mail.after they get it back to post office because they couldn't deliver it to my address will it get sent right back to the irs...or will they give it some time to get a forwarding address

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  • 8 years ago
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    Once you move, the Post Office holds your mail for 10 days to give you time to send them a forward order. Once the 10 days is up, all of your mail that they have received so far is sent back to sender as "moved left no address". If your forward order arrives after that time, then all mail from that time forward is forwarded to your new address as applicable. "Applicable" meaning that not all mail is forwardable. Only mail that is first class, second class, priority, express, or endorsed standard mail is forwarded. "Endorsed" meaning stamped "forwarding service requested". Also, some mail is returned to sender per endorsement "address correction requested" - this mail is returned to sender along with the correct new address. The Postal Service does not charge for this service. It is always advisable to change the address with your mailers and not rely on postal forwarding for your mail. It is a complimentary service to help ease the middle time in between the time at the old address and the new address. It does not matter which post office you fill the card out in, the card will always go to the forwarding facility which is in the mid US. Once processed, your forward order is in effect. Your carrier will usually get the request the next day. Although some of the mail is automated and forwarded through automation, some of the mail still goes to the carrier, and the carrier will need to know that you moved so that they can see that the mail is forwarded which they have received.

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    person moved but mail is still coming-what to do

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