Pokemon HeartGold Ditto?

I really want a female Togepi so I can breed easily and get the right nature and IVs. I tried to get one from the Egg, but I gave up. So now I have a male Level 12 Togetic, but no way to breed.

So I went hunting for some Ditto, but couldn't find any. According to Serebii, Neoseeker, and Yahoo Answers, they should be at routes 34, 35, 47, and Cerulean Cave.

I looked in Route 34. I looked there for so long, my Level 17 Quilava became Level 29 and my Level 15 Flaaffy is Level 23. I looked in Route 35 and Pidgeotto became Level 21. I want that Ditto to breed my Quilava and Togepi so I can get the right stats.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Sure I will give you a ditto at no charge.

    My friend code is: 0906 - 0746 - 7193

    Make sure to give me yours and try to meet me asap.

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