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I have a crazy, creative idea for a film?

The activities of Anonymous have inspired me to talk about this idea for a film. The movie will be titled: "Legion", and the subject will be the complete revolution/uprising of the common people in America, captured through a guy's home camera. The style of shots will be a mix of "Clover-field" and "Chronicle"(Clover-field's style is called "shaky camera" and Chronicle has a more steady viewpoint with multiple cameras being used.) The setting is the United States in 2020, on the brink of a "peasant revolt": the middle/working class rising up against the government and military. The narrative will be deep and the audience will get to see a lot of character development out of the main character, Thomas, complete with inner turmoil and change of personality, to make him as dynamic as possible.

The story will be told in three "sequences" or acts, if you will. The first introduces Thomas. He is a photojournalist that has traveled to D.C. to capture the continuous riots and movements there. The film opens with the day he flies back. You get to see how comfortable and luxurious the life of the upper-class is in Thomas' hotel room, complete with the latest technology, furniture, etc.(His family is upper-class as well) We then see some of Thomas' last shots of the protesters before the Congress building as Thomas is riding the bus to the airport, and see signs like:"Stop distracting us from the truth!" and such. Thomas also catches shots of some representatives(one gets a tomato to the face) about to board the same plane as Thomas, revealed to be Congressional Representatives of California. While on the plane then starting it's descent toward San Francisco, there is an explosion and the aft and nose detach! Thomas almost gets sucked out of the gaping hole(he is in the nose) as he sees the people in the airplane get terribly injured as they fall out as well. As Thomas finally gets sucked out as well, we cut to a viewpoint on the ground: a family of hikers is descending a cliff in a wildlife reserve as the cameraman captures the plane crashing above their heads, and see Thomas fall out into the river. As he falls, the camera views switch between his and the families'. We finally see Thomas in a river, with three limbs missing and presumably unconscious.

I have ideas where the film can go from here, but I want to see what Yahoo thinks of it first and what they suggest.

Thanks for reading,



Alright, I agree, it DOES sound like the Hunger Games. I plan, however, to take it in an entirely different direction, and not to ripoff Collin's work.

Also, if you haters were bored by my TERRIBLY LONG description of sequence one, you did not have to waste your PRECIOUS time to read it and comment on how bad or unoriginal my idea is.

Update 2:

I apologize, as I read this, I have left out the juicy details and ideas I can use to make Legion a film that stands by itself. First, detail. I want the audience to be fully immersed in our America-to-be. Second, different perspective. The film isn't going to be a typical one-sided revolutionary blockbuster. Legion will have plenty of chances for the audience to catch on to what the other side thinks and their efforts to prevent the inevitable revolt. Thirdly, I want the audience to understand Anonymous' participation in the upcoming revolt, and how Thomas is truly affected.

It wasn't that I am not creative; I did not delve into my desire for my creation.

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago
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    I kinda agree, it does sound kind of Hunger Games-like at the beginning, and there is already a movie titled Legion.

    People get bored with movies with a slow beginning. I think the ending of your story sounds more interesting than the beginning. You should make it have more suspense or action in it. Overall, a creative idea. Best to plan it out first though, such as ALL the characters, then go to the plot.

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    A assassin turning out to be a peta fanatic woman stuck down a suitable purely to locate her mom were given stuck there similar date 30 years contained in the previous kitten being born with pink furr (im observing Vicar Dibly and Alice truthfully stated it ha) Mexicans taking up Isle of White England sinking!

  • 8 years ago

    You may want to check copyright on the LEGION, as its a film already and to be honest your film sounds like a mixture of different films all thrown in and stitched together

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Yeah first off let me just say, this idea totally sucks.

    Second, I just want to repeat again this idea totally sucks.

    Third, you really expect people to read this whole story. Good luck. Hope the movie is better

    Lastly, yeah that idea sucks.

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  • 8 years ago

    Sounds like the hunger games series. No offense just not very creative.

  • 8 years ago

    sounds very interesting(: **** the haters my friend,you go make the **** outta your movie

  • 8 years ago

    that sounds really good but make sure you copyright that idea! good luck!:)

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