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我是加拿大公民而女友是國際學生 昨天晚上驗出女友懷孕了 現在打算公證結婚然後幫她申請移民. 不過他還沒有醫療卡 現在申請醫療卡的話 之後生產還是需要付費嗎? 因為移民應該沒有那麼快下來 而醫療卡好像三個月就下來了.


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    Each province has its own rule.

    However, for example, in British Columbia, a person holding an extended stay visa with study permit, who are allowed to stay 6 months or more, can be deeded as residents for health plan enrollment purpose.

    But since you did not provide enough information. It is best you check with your own provincial ministry of health for detail.

    Also - enrollment in to provincial health plan does not mean everything is free. You still have to pay for the service and premium accordingly.

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  • 7 years ago

    你有錢嗎? 結婚依親你得提出財力證明擔保.

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