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FAFSA 美國公民子女, 台灣父母, 如何填表

請問 FAFSA 填寫的問題, 如果申請人有美國公民身分, 但父母僅有台灣身分, 但有Social Security Number (多年前留學時申請的), 怕填錯影響申請, 請問有類似經驗可以分享嗎?

1. 父母有social security number, 請問應該填這個social security number 嗎? 還是填 000-00-0000? (有個網站說should be reported as 000-00-0000, 但是FAFSA的help 只有general的說明: 如果沒有Social Security Number的話就全部填0. 上述網站是:

2. 因為父母不需申報美國的稅, 填表中的一個選項是 "will file", "not going to file", .. 請問應該選擇那個? 我不清楚"file"的意思是"file美國聯邦稅" 的意思嗎? 如果填錯會不會要我們提供美國稅單?

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    1. If your parents have one, always use the SSN.

    SSN will allow your parents to electronically sign the application.

    2. Not going to file.

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    Very simple - you misunderstand.

    Since your parents are not a U.S. person and not living in the U.S., so there is no obligation to report any income for tax purpose. So for tax purpose, the income will be 0.

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    However, in term of financial aids, income not subject to income tax is still considered. In that case, the school financial aids office will manually require you provide the document or you will have to let them know the situation.

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    This is the same idea why a person can no longer eligible for financial aids even when he or she has no income but $100,000 sitting at the bank.

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    對於2: 我試過 "Not going to file" 但有問題.

    我依照台灣的收入, 用當天匯率轉成美金填寫 parent income. 但是在最後FAFSA出現error, 說是我的收入高於minimum amount, 應該要報稅.


    ... but the amount you reported for father's and mother's income appears to be over the minimum amount required for filing a tax return.

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    謝謝你的建議, 我已與學校聯繫.

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