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請問一句英文 我有足夠的勇氣獨自面對所有的困難,無論過去或現


可以有漂亮一點的說法嗎? 謝謝。

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  • Bobby
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    8 years ago
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    I have always been courageous to face all the problems on my own and I always will.

    這句中文會變成: 我一直都是獨自勇敢的面對所有問題,未來也會是如此。

  • Kevin
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    8 years ago


    I all alone with my grit have known no predicaments whatsoever.

  • 8 years ago

    I am sick all the time (O).

    I've been sick for 3 days (O).

    I've been sick since Sunday (O).

    I've been sick all the time (just semantically illogical).

    "all this time" makes sense if "this time" is well defined in the context.

    2013-01-05 11:06:29 補充:

    When does dirty pandie morph into a feline?

    I thought she who cat-fights must be in feline family.

    I think dirty pandie will need mighty mouse to save your day "this time".

    2013-01-05 11:25:40 補充:

    Smart priest - what an insightful observation on the voting troops in YK+...

    Just look at what my foolish belief on humanity brought me?

    Charge, my man! Too many wrongs to right, grievance to redress, injustice to repair. Dirty pandie shall prevail...

    2013-01-05 14:19:59 補充:

    have guts(口語)與have courage是一樣的 (XXX - malarkey)

    have guts = have courage + determination

    2013-01-06 02:11:35 補充:

    Of course, who can resist that beautiful voice of mine?

    If dirty pandie had voice as such, he would have talked to himself all night long.

    2013-01-08 09:23:06 補充:

    Run, mater Kevin, thou shalt not confront voting troops alone...

  • 呆子
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    8 years ago

    I have full courage to face all difficulties,no matter what the time is.

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  • 8 years ago

    羅莉 美女翻的很好,just one small mistake:

    I have been fairly courageous to confront problems of any kind on

    my own all "this" time.

    2013-01-04 15:28:40 補充:

    Lori, I totally get where you are coming from, it's just that your began the sentence with "I have been" but end it with "all the time", which really doesn't add up.

    2013-01-04 15:36:02 補充:

    I hope you don't take offense, as I am merely focusing on the issue of grammar rather than attacking your answer. On the contrary, I think your sentence is beautifully constructed.

    2013-01-04 15:36:37 補充:

    But "have been" refers to a given period of time, whereas "all the time" means "always"; the two just don't go together naturally.

    2013-01-04 15:58:10 補充:

    Lori, it is true that some people do us it that way, as a matter of fact, I have heard my bro in law use it before, but that does not mean it's correct grammatically. But then, I have never been too big on grammar, but logic.

    2013-01-04 16:02:28 補充:

    At any rate, you deserve my applause.

    2013-01-04 16:29:15 補充:

    Lori, you can patronize me however you want, and I won't give a dime, as you are known for your sharp tongue and inability to admit mistakes, but do check out the question I posted on Yahoo Answers and the response I get regarding the usage:

    2013-01-04 16:30:31 補充:

    While there is only one response so far, there might be more coming up in a bit:;_ylt=AgFoD...

    2013-01-04 16:31:37 補充:

    We have to really understand the correct usage of English rather than basing our knowledge on what people say.

    2013-01-05 21:26:56 補充:

    Little Prissy,

    You have been talking to yourself all this time, you do know that right?

    It's like other people are totally oblivious to your seemingly intelligent comments.

    I think you just like to listen to the sound of your own voice...too funny!

  • 羅莉
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    8 years ago


    I have been fairly courageous to confront problems of any kind on

    my own all the time.

    2013-01-04 14:13:33 補充:

    Panda, "all the time" is a common phrase to cover the past and the present.

    "All this time" does not convey the meaning as required by the question poster.

    2013-01-04 15:35:51 補充:

    Panda, Panda,

    Don't you know "all the time" matches "I have been" perfectly?

    Check it out:

    2013-01-04 15:50:31 補充:


    用"I have been * all the time"帶引號搜尋, 可得18億4000萬項結果.

    The phrase "all the time" can undoubtedly mean a period of time till now.

    2013-01-04 15:53:32 補充:

    It seems that a panda's ears don't get sufficient sense of grammar.

    2013-01-04 15:55:01 補充:

    no matter what country it lives in.

    2013-01-04 17:27:37 補充:

    It is not that I don't admit mistakes, but that you are probably wrong by denying the phrase "all the time" to go logically with present perfect tense.

    In your post to Yahoo Answers, you tried to put words in answerers' mouths.

    2013-01-04 17:27:55 補充:

    Why not simply ask:

    Does present perfect tense contextualize the phrase "all the time"?

    2013-01-05 08:06:10 補充:

    have guts(口語)與have courage是一樣的, 沒有哪個比較好的差別, 倒是guts乃是口語說法, 不適合正式文句.

    2013-01-08 10:51:20 補充:

    Kevin大師的句子本身很精鍊, 惟語意上接近於「我獨自藉由膽量行事, 字典裡從沒有困境二字」, 感覺上口氣的強勢程度遠遠超出了版主原句語意. 版主原句只是顯示信心惟能力上會全力以赴的涵義, 並沒有狂妄的口氣. 個人淺見.

    Source(s): 羅莉 - 翻譯經驗
  • 8 years ago

    I have enough courage to face all the difficulties by myself, no matter of the past or the future.



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