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Can I put a Honda motorcycle motor and complete drive assembly in/on a harley electra glide?

I'm thinking about having a bike built. I ride a Honda and wouldn't trade the dependability. But I want an Electra glide ultra classic without the mechanical issues. Is this idea feasible? Would it be cost effective?


Why would I want to? Well because I like the look and feel of an electra glide but require the dependability that I'm accustom to from my Honda. A gold wing is nothing like an electra glide, Honda makes absolutely nothing even similar if that was that case I would have bought one. A Vulcan Voyager is actually the closet in comparison which is made from Kawasaki which comes with it's own set if issues. I am very well versed in everything motorcycle, but there is nothing like what I desire on the market right now. Therefore, I asked the question could this be done? Has anyone heard of it? Would it be mechanically feasible? As far as dressing up a Honda to look and feel like an electra glide, I hadn't thought about that. But I do have to wonder if there are actually enough aftermarket stuff around to make that possible. I'll definitely check into it.

Update 2:

My current ride is a 94 Honda magna V4. Why do you say stay away from a V twin? I've heard good things about them, rode a few but never owned one. Is there something you know that I don't? Back your statements up with facts! Not opinions.

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  • 8 years ago
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    Why would you want to?

    This is so much of a dig at both Honda and Harley

    Such a controversial smoking gun that I don't believe you are serious!

    Why if you want that type of look don't you just DRESS a honda in aftermarket bits, leave the chassis and running gear alone.

    anyway honda make a version of the electra glide.... it is called a GOLDWING....


    Yes voyager is in the same catagory as is the big yam 1200 cruiser/ tourer/dresser

    People have been dressing bikes for years Kawasaki W650 and W800's being dressed in Triumph body panels and fuel tanks making them a real cross bred.

    ZZR and 1050 sprint nearly have interchangeable parts too!! weird eh

    There are enough aftermarket bits out there for old Electra glides to dress your honda

    making simple brackets to hang body panels on it easier than trying to off set an engine and transmission to fit into a frame it wasn't designed for.

    As to reliability I'm not a Harley Fan ( nor am I a Honda cruiser fan either) but Harley engines though archaic have been around for twice that of a honda. and since eric buell has left his mark the lesser engines are now capable of being twice the motor they once were.

    Honda only produces twice the power as it does so at twice the RPM of that of the Harley

    You are really going to make that honda engine work for a living dragging a "Full Dresser" about.

    It will be all show and really no go!! You'd be needing the 1,800 cc unit either that or start with a yamaha warrior 1900, the lesser 1100 and 1300 hondas won't cut it

    What about a RUNE??

    Honda don't make the bike you want for one reason... they know they can't build it with a powerful enough V twin to haul it's @rse....

    But doesn't mean you couldn't!!

    Second Edit

    The magna is a totally different bike to the 1100 or 1300 honda V twin

    one of the guys in our club has a magna... That thing has the VFR engine in it a pure race bred V 4.

    he can keep up with the sports bikes in our group we leave the Honda Vee twins and Kawasaki Classics well behind.

    You will find the Honda Vee Twin such a let down in comparison to your Magna... You are already riding a better bike and don't know it

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  • strech
    Lv 7
    8 years ago

    Like ninebadthings said, anything can be accomplished with enough time and money!

    However, there is MAJOR frame modifications needed!


    Let just add a few things you'll run into.

    First, the motor mounts are different, break out the welder!

    Also, the older Harley frames had a seat post that ran down between the engine and transmission.

    Honda's are unit construction (engine and transmission together), so you should stick with a newer Electra Glide frame.

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  • 4 years ago

    I presently have 6 HONDA motorcycles and have owned over forty HONDA'S. I've ridden countless numbers of distinct makes and items over the past forty+ years. My first ride on a "enormous" bike was once a Harley (mostly why i am a bike nut in these days). Which is best? Depends on what you wish to have! If rock solid reliability, low renovation, electrical motor smoothness and extraordinary vigor are what you seem for, then the Gold Wing. If you're involved about anything else, i assume the Harley? Having owned a Gold Wing and dealing as a M/C Tech for over 20 years, the nod ought to go to the Wing! Despite how "good" the Harley has become, they're still excessive maintenance bikes. I hear at all times from my neighbors who trip (and love) Harley's, how much they spend on maintenance! Perpetually "changing" this, "adjusting" that or "tightening" some thing! The thing that impresses most with the Gold Wing is the power! That may not be a situation for you, but for me, efficiency is why I journey a bike and why I don't ride a Harley! At over one hundred secure and really frisky horses, the HONDA easily can not be matched through a inventory Harley. Say what you're going to, a 100 horse Harley engine is damned high priced and much much less trustworthy. There's a tremendous change in an engine that will give one hundred horsepower or extra on a dynomometer for a couple of minutes and one so that it will run for enormous quantities of hours at a hundred% power (as the GL1800 has achieved as a prototype)! Air cooling is the tremendous minus with the H-D and a main rationale that the inventory H-D is down on vigor as good. On the opposite facet of the fence, the Harley does provide higher gasoline mileage and has that exact "consider" that some individuals like or decide on. The Harley additionally has extra leg room than the Honda, this seems to be the normal grievance of all tall riders, that the Honda lacks "leg room"! Don't get me fallacious, a Harley suits the wants of quite a few riders. They simply do not fit my individual wants, wants or desires from a bike! Don't forget, there are a large quantity of humans that purchase a Harley with ease as a popularity image or yet another storage or trailer queen. These kinds of persons have in no way ridden something else, so they have NO factor of reference on what's or is not "good" or "dangerous" about ANY bike! Trip each machines and actually overview your needs and wishes along with the pluses and minuses of every desktop. You may in finding that neither one meets your needs! Finally, you ought to decide what fits YOUR desires and YOUR persona the high-quality. Either unit will supply risk-free efficiency however only within the design capabilities of the desktop. Sooner or later, you will have got to pay for and ride the bike for many 1000s of miles, so you do not want to make the incorrect choice. For me, neither bike does it, I opt for my 1982 HONDA CBX! The CBX delivers the nostalgia of the Harley AND the performance of the Gold Wing in a eye catching, secure and nonetheless very uncommon bundle! Shipping again to the uk? I might guess that $2000 -$3000 USD would do it. I'd GOOGLE that question! Excellent luck! Hope you experience your seek advice from to america. P.S. Come journey the again roads of Arkansas! One of the vital finest bike roads on this planet!

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  • 8 years ago

    That would be a step backwards. You might have Honda reliability but in an inferior frame.

    And it would still get called a Honda and probably end up as the butt of many jokes.

    Either buy a Honda or a Harley. Mixing the two is just wrong on so many levels.

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  • 8 years ago

    Anything mechanical is doable given enough time and money. But honda v twins suck just slightly less than harley vtwins. And you still have a non agile harley frame when all done.

    If you want a fashion accessory buy a harley. If you want a real motorcycle go shop for something other than a vtwin crusier.

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  • 8 years ago

    You would struggle to find insurance with out you pay premium rates so think carefully b 4 u but a pup!

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