How do I travel from Port of Spain to Maracas or Las Cuevas beach then back in Trinidad?

step by step directions please. don't have my own car and want to take public transportaion

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  • 8 years ago
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    my opinion to you is just to either rent a car or pay someone you know who has a car to drop you to those places, pay them a fee for the day basically their your driver for that one day... traveling back and forth like how you want to Is gonna cost you a lot of money because taxi fare is high lol

    Source(s): born and raise in Trinidad .. and currently living
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  • 8 years ago

    The Public Transport Service Corporation will usually offer services like this.

    Check this link and get in contact with them:

    If their services does not suit you then maybe you can get together a group of friends and family and hire a maxi taxi to take you.That way you can pack your coolers with food and drink and you do not have to worry about anyone drinking and driving because the driver should know he cannot drink.

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