X-Men Legends II: Rise of Apocalypse?

my friend had this game n i borrowed it,i heard it is a very good game but do i need to know about X-men to play this game?

i know nothing (and i cannot stress "nothing" enough) about x-men,except that they are supposed to be some kind of superheroes(?) or something,so will the story be self explanatory or do i need some inside knowledge to enjoy the game?

I should also mention that i will be playing on a PSP.

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  • Greg
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    8 years ago
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    In their world there are mutants who are people born with powers, this has mixed reaction from a public who may treat them equally or discriminate against them. (like how America and the uk with ethnic and religious minorities 60 years ago)

    The X men are a group of mutants that combat threats (mainly from criminal mutants or radical anti mutant humans) in an effort to get humans and mutants to live together in peace, they are lead by professor Xavier.

    The Brotherhood of mutants are their arch enemies who believe that humans will never truly except them and believe mutants should live apart or rule over humans. They are led by Magneto who is an old friend of Xavier and a concentration camp survivor.

    They are forced to work together to deal with an ancient and very powerful mutant nicknamed apocalypse who wants to conquer and enslave the world.

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    your question is of no help to human beings answering. what are you playing on, a pc, console? whats the blunders checklist? -regrettably that still doesnt help, yet that's no longer your fault, it style of feels some variety of gadget settings seem getting interior the way. i'm assuming you have been playing this pastime just to at the instant have this concern, it may be corrupted information, and you need to manually delete the shop. if no longer, discover the thank you to diminish back-up the saves and re-installation the video games. you will desire to be waiting to get admission to the shop video games interior the installation folder in application documents.

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