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Why did Jacques Chirac president of france?

consider saddam a friend of close bonds he

seems not even the usa would say that

heres the quote

Vous êtes mon ami personnel. Vous êtes assuré de mon estime, de ma considération et de mon affection.

Translation: You are my personal friend. Let me assure you of my esteem, consideration and bond.

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    Chirac was selling Iraq weapons.

    "New intelligence revealing how long France continued to supply and arm Saddam Hussein’s regime infuriated U.S. officials as the nation prepared for military action against Iraq.

    The intelligence reports showing French assistance to Saddam ongoing in the late winter of 2002 helped explain why France refused to deal harshly with Iraq and blocked U.S. moves at the United Nations.

    “No wonder the French are opposing us,” one U.S. intelligence official remarked after illegal sales to Iraq of military and dual-use parts, originating in France, were discovered early last year before the war began.

    That official was careful to stipulate that intelligence reports did not indicate whether the French government had sanctioned or knew about the parts transfers. The French company at the beginning of the pipeline remained unidentified in the reports."

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    i think of he it it top on the nostril, while Bush replaced into in France. Reporter David ask Chirac some thing in French , Bush jumped throughout David for talking a language he can no longer . Chirac appeared on the human beings and stated in french, Bush is a Hick . i admire Chirac he has sense sufficient to stay out of Iraq, like dumbo would desire to have.

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