Question about Valley City, Illinois?

Okay here's the thing. I want to know what to call the place of where I am on the outskirts of Valley City, Illinois. That might not have made very much sense.

Valley City is the smallest city in Illinois consisting of 13 people, which was recorded back in 2010. Say, for example, if I were living RIGHT OUTSIDE the Valley City's boundaries in the surrounding forest and I wanted to tell someone where I was living, where would I say I was EXACTLY? Am I still considered to be living in Valley City even if I'm not in the city boundaries? It obviously doesn't make very much sense but I can assure you, the answer is critical in my case. I need to know, and I'm not looking for vague answers, I need real and exact information. Thank you!

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    7 years ago
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    hi there.simple,you just tell you live just outside the Village,thats what it is known"s not a city as such..have fun..

    regards pops..

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