How does a teacher pick favorite students?

I do my own thing and I ended up being the teacher's favorite student. I'm not even the smartest kid in the class, my best friend is and even he is not as favored as I am. He lets the both of us grade papers, but it seems like he's more intrigued by me. Other people see it too, because they come up and tell me. Kids in the class started making fun of me, because they think I'm a teacher's pet, but I'm really not. All I did was just be myself and the teacher noticed me out of 40 kids. So why do teacher's pick favorites out of all the kids in the class? What did I do that was so much better than all the other kids?

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    Few teachers consciously choose one or more students to be their favorites, and most would deny having favorites. Teachers generally try to treat all students the same and in a fair way.

    Yet, teachers are human, and over the course of a semester or a year, it is highly probable that some will emerge as favorites while others will be just the opposite. Why does this happen?

    Basically it comes down to personality. What does the individual teacher look for? More often than not--cooperation. Do the assignments, participate in class, etc. Ask questions that are relavant to the discussion and that contribute to general knowledge--but don't ask frivilous ones. Complete homework assignments without argument and on time. Neatness is important.

    favorites tend to be those who go the extra mile--offer to erase the board or grade papers, or who stay a bit late after class to pursue ideas. Intelligence helps--what teacher doesn't beam when his/her student wins a prize, gets published in a newspaper, or otherwise does something outstanding--especially if that reflects positively on the teacher?

    Then there are certain things about an individual--a smile, a tone of voice, the choice of clothes, haircut, etc.

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    I work really hard at not picking favorite students openly, but I'm sure my students would say otherwise. There are some kids who interact better with adults, or that have a great attitude, or that react favorably to my class, or that I can see a little of myself from teenage years in, or that I think I would be friends with if we were in the same generation. Any of those students could end up being my favorite, just because I enjoy them. I don't always interact well with the smartest kids in class, often it's a student that approaches the work with enthusiasm or is determined to get it even if it doesn't come naturally that catches my attention.

    Perhaps the teacher sees an ally in you - are there students you could help engage that the teacher might otherwise not reach? Do a little more talking with him, it could be that he just thinks you're a great kid, and you might find him interesting as well.

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    I work quite difficult at no longer deciding upon favourite pupils brazenly, but i'm certain my students would say or else. There are some kids who engage better with adults, or which have a exceptional attitude, or that react favorably to my classification, or that i can see a bit of of myself from teenage years in, or that I feel i might be associates with if we have been in the identical iteration. Any of these scholars would end up being my favourite, simply for the reason that I experience them. I don't continuously engage good with the smartest children in class, customarily it can be a pupil that strategies the work with enthusiasm or is decided to get it even if it doesn't come naturally that catches my awareness. Perhaps the trainer sees an ally in you - are there students you might support interact that the instructor would otherwise now not attain? Do some more talking with him, it might be that he simply thinks you are a high-quality child, and also you might find him interesting as good.

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    A teacher may or may not have a favourite student, but when they do, it's usually not because the teacher just went out of his/her way to stop and think, " I like this person, she/he will be my favourite."

    In reality, that's not the case at all! When I was in grade 6, people called me teacher's pet, and teased me, but I have the same situation as you, I was just a nice person, being myself and the teacher happened to like me! There was nothing I could do about it, and it wasn't like I was going to be annoying just to get on her bad side so I wouldn't have to be teacher's pet anymore. So I accepted it. I was just a good student.

    You are, too! You seem like a smart, excellent, nice student, and that's why the teacher likes you. Teachers do not pick favourites for no reason.

    Just think about this:

    Say you were a teacher. And there was that one student who was smart, nice, always handed in their homework on time.... did everything right.......

    Wouldn't you like that student? Absolutely, I would!

    If I could have gotten through the whole sixth grade with people tormenting me about being teacher's pet, I can say truely to you that you will be okay. Just keep explaining to your friends that you're not teacher's pet, you're just you being yourself.

    And by the way, those "friends" probably aren't very good friends if they are teasing you.

    Do not let being a teacher's favourite:

    - Bring down your marks

    - Lose friends

    -Make you become a horrible person

    Don't get pressured into that! It's only ten months in a school year, keep your grades up! And while your "friends" are being yelled at by the teacher and your getting smiled at by the teacher, don't be guilty. And when your friends are the ones who "learn" to hate every teacher and are horrible in school, you'll be the one who looks up to challenges and goes far.

    Trust me.

    Good luck (:

    HelperGal (:

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    I was my teacher favorite too. I'm Asian and he is my history teacher, mostly teacher just like us they're human being. They don't like studen who talk much , talk alot , ask so much question , complain about this and that. When you're teacher favorite you don't need to get good grade but that doesn't mean you get D or F its mean you quite and be respect infront of him/her. Maybe because he/her like you cause you are not annoying, don't bother them too much most teacher like that kind of kids but if your're asian its even better !

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    Well the same thing happened to me. Your probably don't cause a lot of trouble and she might favor your work for something you wrote in language arts or in math maybe how you worked out a problem it all depends on how you act and do papers

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    He doesnt favor u its all in ur head cuz u have a crush on him. Just try to move itll never work out. and u really posted this question twice? -__-

  • Anonymous
    7 years ago could be racism one of my teachers only like Asian students and was rude to all black students or he just thinks your unique :]

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