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how to know if my rat is pregnant?

i just got 3 rats from some lady giving them away today for free, she said they are all female but i dont know for sure. her belly looks different from the other 2 and shes been like doing some kind of hyperventilating. she wont let me pick her up either. how do i tell if they are male or female?

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    boys have large testicles that are situated so they kinda sit on them. and they hard not to miss. a female only shows a day or two before she gives birth. try stroking her to gain her trust then pick her up and gently feel for lumps all over, check eyes and nose, if unsure take her to the vet.

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    The only way to tell early on in pregnancy is to weigh her daily at the same time every day. Without weighing her you won't know till a day or two before she gives birth. They get pretty big.

    If she is pregnant you will want to seperate her from her cage mates prior to her giving birth. You will also want to handle the babies from day one. Just for a few minutes everyday at first this way they are more social.

    Sexing is easy with rats if the urethra is close to the anus it is female. If the space is farther apart it is male. Plus male rats have huge testicles that are hard to miss. You will want to seperate male babies from mom and female babies at five weeks as this is when they become sexually mature.

    This website jas pictures to help you sex rats.

    This website tells how to determine pregnancy.

    This website is full of many helpful people that should be able to help you through the rats potential pregnancy.

  • Sheena
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    Colby is wrong. male rats do NOT stink.

    I have four females and three males. the females have next to no scent and the males have a musky scent, but it's not a stink. it's a faint musky whiff when you put them up to your nose, and actually smells pretty good.

    if any rats STINK, you're doing something wrong.

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    if it's a male, (like lucy said) it will have (large) balls, and will stink. if it's expecting babies, she'll get pretty large and lumpy. also, a male would be following the females around and trying to mate, even if thy are siblings

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  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    if it has balls its male , if shes pregnant her belly wil be huuuge and her nipples wil stick out

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    look in a mirror

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