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Name ten kids using these names?

Best answer will be chosen by how well the siblings names flow.

You pick last name.

Add as many details as you like ( what they look like, personality) those are also good.

Also feel free to use more then one first name or more then one middle name.

1. Girl fn: eleanor, ariana, sophie, liliana, ashlee,

Mn: ann, lynn, kyra, zara, bridgett

2. Boy fn: alexander, owen, ellis, xander, zachary

Mn: lee, jay, jossiah, ray, king,

3. Girl fn: catherine, auriella, tessa, cathriana, briana

Mn: lucille, evelynn, alana, aria, brittany

4. Boy fn: christopher, carlisle, jasper, carl, sean.

Mn: lisle, jay, morocco,

5. Girl fn: rosette, luciana, lucia, lilia, chloe,

Mn: grace, rose, faith, kate, ray

6. Girl fn: Genesis, avalon, serena, roseine, alex,

Mn: selene, helena, dezeray, jane, lynn

7. Boy fn: lucas, lucifer, gracen, carter, jake,

Mn: ray, gage, colt,

8. Girl fn: anastasia, isabelle, leah, cara, vanessa,

Mn: saphire, gem, carter, vanessa, lora

9. Boy fn: jason, colton, gage, ian, zane,

Mn: liam, harry, harley,

10. Girl fn: scarlett, natasha, bella, alexis, joyanna,

Mn: anna, lynn, grace, ava,


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  • Leslie
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    8 years ago
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    Kid#1 Ariana Lynn Reyna.

    Nickname - Ari.

    Kid#2 Zachary Jossiah Reyna.

    Nickname - Zach.

    Kid#3 Cathrine Evelyn Reyna.

    Nickname - Cat.

    Kid#4 Christopher Jay Reyna.

    Nickname - Chris or CJ.

    Kid#5 Rosette Faith Reyna.

    Nickname - Prefer no nickname.

    Kid#6 Avalon Selene Reyna.

    Nickname - Ava.

    Kid#7 Carter Gage Reyna.

    Nickname - no nickname.

    Kid#8 Isabelle Vanessa Reyna.

    Nickname - Ivy (because I and V are her initials, and it sounds like Ivy).

    Kid#9 Zane Harley Reyna.

    Nickname - no nickname.

    Kid#10 Alexis Grace Reyna.

    Nickname - Lexis or Lexi.

  • Annika
    Lv 5
    6 years ago

    Eleanor Bridget

    Owen Josiah

    Catherine Lucille

    Sean Lisle

    Lucia Kate

    Avalon Helena

    Lucas Colt

    Leah Vanessa

    Jason Liam

    Natasha Grace

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Ariana Lynn

    Xander Jay

    Briana Lucille

    Jasper Morocco

    Lilia Rose

    Genesis Selene

    Lucas Gage

    Isabelle Vanessa

    Jason Liam

    Alexis Grace

  • Jacqui
    Lv 4
    8 years ago

    Sophie Kyra

    Zachary Lee

    Auriella Lucille

    Jasper Jay

    Chloe Kate

    Serena Helena

    Lucas Gage

    Isabelle Lora

    Zane Liam

    Scarlett Ava

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  • 8 years ago

    Liliana Kyra

    Ellis Lee

    Auriella Brittany

    Carlisle Jay

    Luciana Faith

    Avalon Jane

    Carter Gage

    Leah Vanessa

    Colton Harry

    Alexis Grace

  • Me
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Ariana Bridgette

    Owen Josiah

    Catherine Evelyn

    Jasper Morocco

    Lucia Rose

    Serena Helena

    Carter Gage

    Isabelle Laura

    Colton Liam

    Scarlett Ava

  • 6 years ago

    Sophie Bridget Credall

    Ellis Josiah Credall

    Tessa Lucille Credall

    Christopher Jay Credall

    Chloe Rose Credall

    Serena Jane Credall

    Lucas Ray Credall

    Cara Vanessa Credall

    Jason Harry Credall

    Scarlett Anna Credall

  • Amber
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Sophie Ann

    Zachary Lee "Zach"

    Catherine Lucille "Cat"

    Sean Jay

    Lucia Rose "Lucy"

    Alex Jane

    Jake Gage

    Isabelle Lora "Belle"

    Ian Liam

    Scarlett Grace

    Sophie, Zach, Cat, Sean, Lucy, Alex, Jake, Belle, Ian & Scarlett

  • KayKay
    Lv 5
    8 years ago

    Ariana Lynn "Ari"

    Alexander Jay "Alex"

    Briana Lucille "Bri"

    Christopher Lisle "Chris"

    Lilia Rose "Lily"

    Avalon Selene "Ava"

    Lucas Gage "Luke"

    Cara Vanessa "Cara"

    Colton Liam "Colt"

    Scarlett Grace "Scarlett"

    "Ari, Alex, Bri, Chris, Lily, Ava, Luke, Cara, Colt, and Scarlett"

  • 4 years ago

    ♂ Silas Dexter Alasdair ♀ Imogen Clara Hermione ♂ Felix Leander Alfred ♀ Penelope Susanna Beatrice ♂ Rupert Hugo Sebastian ♀ Luna Felicity Juliet ♂ Henry Jasper Elliot ♀ Violet Martha Genevieve ♂ Oliver William Dashiel ♀ Hazel Juniper Elizabeth --- Silas, Ginny, Felix, Poppy, Rupert, Lulu, Henry, Etta, Ollie & Hazel ♥

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