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How come NO 0bama admin person can EVER tell the truth - why are we being lied to about Hillary?

NBC News’ Top Science Reporter: Something Fishy About Hillary Clinton Claiming She’s Being Treated For Blood Clots Related To Earlier Concussion…

**note to liberals who ALWAYS discount my sources and NEVER answer my question. Here's a 2nd source...a liberal one.

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    Under Obama

    - Lowest consecutive GDP quarters than anytime in our history

    - Unemployment has nearly doubled

    - More workers fall out of the labor force than anytime in our history

    - Minority unemployment is highest in 30+ years

    - Young worker unemployment highest since tracked in the 1950's

    - Unemployment over 8% for 43 months, ....never has happened in our history

    - 38% increase in Americans living at or below poverty,.... more than anytime in our history

    - 36% increase in homelessness

    - 13% more Americans WITHOUT healthcare today than 4 years ago

    - 50% increase in debt

    - 4.5x more people on food stamps

    - 3x more people on welfare than anytime in our history

    - In 3 wars instead of 2 and about to be a 4th with Syria

    - Gitmo still open

    - More companies have filed bankruptcy than anytime in our history

    - 25% increase in home foreclosures

    - Under Obamacare women can only get pap smears every 4 years instead of annually

    - Under obamacare mamograms every 3 years instead of annually

    - The real war on women

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    I'll both discount your sources and answer your question at the same time. Neither source is an expert at cardiovascular medicine, neither source has spent one day in medical school and neither source has been given any salient medical information on Secretary Clinton's condition required to make a judgment call. Therefore, neither source is qualified to make a statement of any kind regarding her condition. And really, what kind of a heartless excuse for a human being uses the medical condition of one of the most regarded members of the current Cabinet as an excuse to throw nonsense political barbs?

    I can find a lot more than two reliable sources to prove you're an idiot, you know. Anyone with an IQ rivaling that of a houseplant could see that very clearly!

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    8 years ago

    Hillary Clinton has worked tirelessly for this country as First Lady, as a Senator, and now as Secretary of State. In 2012 alone, she traveled to 42 countries. This is a woman who works incredibly hard and who always takes responsibility for the agency she’s accountable for. She has testified many times, beginning with the her first testimony to the Senate Finance Committee for the health care bill in 1993; then the Ways and Means Committee for the same bill. She testified to at least four different committees on that bill under intense pressure. There is no more experienced congressional testifier in that cabinet than Ms. Clinton. There is nothing she can’t handle there. From the beginning she has accepted responsibility and taken accountability. Whether or not you agree with her politics, she deserves respect. Republicans treating her badly just makes Republicans look bad. Making fun of people who are sick is not Christian behavior; it’s not even decent behavior.


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    Two sources,same report word for word.Having said that,we won't know what's really going on with her for awhile.Is unusual to use blood thinners if the clot is from a concussion but do know clots can travel.

    Suspect it's phlebitis which can occur while in the hospital when combined with a sedentary life style.Doubt she gets the right kind of exercise.

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  • Louis
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    8 years ago

    One problem in the conspiracy theory; they didn't say the blood clot was related to the concussion, they said they found the blood clot after doing a check up to see how she was doing.

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    who cares? her health is irrelevant. so i read your second article...what the hell kind of writing is this: "raising the possibility the blood clot causing isn’t linked to an earlier concussion". no wonder all of you people sound so illiterate. and this article has nothing to do with anyone "lying". maybe you should concern yourself with your own health and stop nit picking meaningless crap that's none of anyone's business.

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    Yea because blood clots and concussions never go together? I mean bruising of the brain and a blood clot wheres the connection

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    The source is incorrect, it states that blood thinners aren't used to fight clots, which is incorrect.

    And also what possible motivation would they have to lie?

  • Anonymous
    8 years ago

    Who cares what initially caused it,..It's a .... Blood Clot in your Head.....What would you do ?

    There's nothing you wouldn't say, or try..

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