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Physics Latent heat problem[HELP]?

Alright so I've missed the lesson since I was at the hospital and when I get back from break I must write the energy test. *sigh* Anyways...

Calculate the heat required if you want to first melt then bring to a boil and completely vapourize an ice cube. Assume the ice cube had an initial temp of 0 degrees.

Thank you so much for helping !

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    Need to know mass of the ice cube.

    I'm going to assume its size is 2 cm x 2 cm x 2 cm,

    which would make its volume 8 cm^3, and its mass 8 grams.

    Latent heat of fusion = 80 cal/gram

    Specific heat of liquid water = 1 cal/(gram degree)

    Latent heat of vaporization = 540 cal/gram

    Total heat = 8 grams (80 cal/g + 1 cal(g C)*100 deg C + 540 cal/g)

    = 8 cal (80 + 100 + 540) = 5760 calories

    Convert to joules if you wish.

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