How to join a club soccer team for Spring tournament season?

Hey, I'm 16 year old male living in southern crescent of the metropolitan Atlanta area and a junior at Eagle’s Landing Christian Academy, a private high school. Last year, I attended a different private high school, Community Christian School, in which I transferred due to personal reasons. Last June, I got cut from three club soccer teams (HCSA Thunder Soccer Club, RYSA, and FFC) due to an instep injury, and I did not tell the coach that I had the injury. You know that if you hurt your instep, you can't move and look slow, and club soccer coaches usually demanded speed. My injury healed last August. I practice hard since then. I trained with soccer from OSA (Online Soccer Academy) in YouTube to keep me technically proficient. Now, I wanted to join a club soccer team in January for Spring tournament season. The club soccer team I am looking toward joining is AYSA Interatlanta, SDY Jaguars, GSA, and Griffin Excel. My dream in soccer is to play collegiate (Division II/Division III/NAIA) and possibly semipro if not pro. Since I am in 11th grade, spring tournament season is must need for recruitment. According to the USYSA, I would be placed with the u17 or higher age group. I am 5’9” and 170 lbs, and played fullback (more specifically wide back). I had pass accuracy, speed, agility and had moderate technical skills, but lacks juggling skills and stamina. In Georgia, high school soccer seasons is in the spring, thus I am doing club and high school soccer co-currently. One important in my mind pops up: How to join a club soccer team for Spring tournament season? This is outside of tryout in June, but the USYSA allowed joining in the winter for spring tournament season. Is there a chance I might join a club soccer team in Spring season. Most importantly, explain the process and how-to to joining a club soccer team. How I could approach coach? Give me some advices to joining it, PLEASE!!!

P.S. Soccer is a major part of my life. I trained and trained hard.

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    get money and join

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