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NRHH: What do you think of society as a whole?

State problems, how would you fix them?

What are some problems?

How will this effect further generations?

What are we doing wrong?

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    Peace. I think one problem is violence and another problem is drugs in the communities. The violence is just gonna increase if it doesn't stop. From the bullies to the mass murders. Somehow we need to reform bullies (I wrote a rap on this last night) and as far as murders go, I don't know how it can be stopped. My solution is take all the weapons in the world and burn them, but seeing as that won't happen until Jesus comes back or rather turn them into plow shears or something like that. Whether all the kids who do the mass murders are picked on in school I don't know. We need more info on them to neutralize the situation. Generations of the future will only grow more violent. And like Delores Tucker said "If we don't learn from the past we're doomed to repeat our mistakes". We need to learn why these killings are happening. Personally I think more spirituality can level some people off because that is a reason for it. I've heard two things: Every since Crack came into the black community families have been divided and breaking up. Two: They don't show anything that's actually decent on television anymore so kids aren't gonna get better behavior from the tv they watch. What are we doing Wrong? What aren't we doing wrong? I think we just need more influential and virtuous people in the limelight like a Martin Luther King or Mother Teresa or Billy Graham. Oh, and we need more morality in our lives.


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    The American government is f*cked up, Obama can do nothing while there are still Republicans in the Senate, they cancel all Obama's plans. I also find it ridiculous how people hate on the Obama Care, we have a similar system in The Netherlands, and yes, we pay a lot, but it's worth it; you never have to worry about any costs when you go to the hospital, at school we've seen a documentary about people with an illness, that doctors just won't cure because the people don't have the money for that.

    2013, we're now in the 6th year of the Economic crisis and I think the economy will weaken a bit more this year, but then it will grow and grow and economically things will eventually get better, that's how it always went. Economy has it's up's and down's.

    Also lol @ how America is suddenly supporting the rebellion forces in the Arabian (North African) revolutions, the Americans have actually supported those dictators for a while to be sure of their oil supply, but because the dictators are now locked up or killed, they support the rebellions to be sure to get their oil anyway. Though I have to say I'd have done the same thing...

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    It´s messed up. Watch Jaque Fresco and The Venus Project is a better alternative to what we have now, I think. It is messed up mainly because of social injustice.

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