How can I start my own town?

I'm not some strange outdated hermit, but I wanna' start my own town to get away from all the STUFF that goes on in every other town and city today. Yeah, there are still requirements as far as fire protection, road maintenance and such. But I want to have a small Town board, Constable, family run store....that kind of image. No town in the US (or at least Wisconsin) that I know of is like this. I've read that all you need is a 1 mile square piece of land. But how do you get the other STUFF rolling?

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  • 7 years ago
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    I'm going to assume you are in Wisconsin--since you mention it, and direct you to the State statutes that govern the creation of a town. You'll want to look at chapter 60 of the Wisconsin state statutes on how to build a town (see link one below.) Basically, you get signatures of voters who petition for the creation of a town. You do not need 1 square mile of land, although in Wisconsin, and one square mile of land (36 sections) may be made into a town--you could do it with less, if you have 75 voters in the proposed town who agree to the petition. With enough signatures, or land, you can dissolve a town, create a town, or separate yourselves from an existing town. The rest of the statutes in section 60 cover the other "stuff" that needs to be handled, from Fire Safety to Park Zoning. Just follow the Wisconsin statutes, and do it.

    Every state in the Union has a similar State statute for the creation of a town, a city, or any other municipality. Towns are more local, and can usually be authorized by the county.

    The point is, you CAN do it, you just need to comply with the governing law. Read the law; become familiar with the laws sections; understand each point of the law; and then begin working with others to create the sort of town that you feel is appropriate, desirable, or useful to you and others with a similar mind-set. Every town, city, and even county in the US was created in this manner--and all it takes is a single motivated person who has a vision to get it done. You could recruit over the internet like-minded people to move a business, a factory, or just their families to your new town, be it a small new town, or a large existing one by such methods. New York City, Madison, Green Bay, or Kansas City were all created this same way--people shared a vision with others as to what they wanted, and if enough people could agree, a new city was built.

    Good luck to you! In the modern world, most new cities are built by "developers" people with the desire to build houses, or shopping centers, or other businesses. They are often called "Real Estate Developers" (as opposed to Real Estate Agents, who just sell land.)

    Universities offer coursework in Real Estate Development (The second link below is one for getting a Master's degree in Real Estate Development from the Wisconsin School of Business.) Get your Bachelor's Degree in Political Science, or engineering, and then get a Masters in Real Estate Development if you really are serious about pursuing such things. You'll be the best prepared person in the world for starting a new city (or several) if you make that your goal.

    Go to it. The world needs more cities, and you might as well be the one to start them.

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  • 3 years ago

    Create Your Own Town

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  • 4 years ago

    Hi Frank,

    I've been looking in to this question myself as I can't find a town I like either. Have you the funds to make the one mile town?

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  • Anonymous
    6 years ago

    Move to Rockland, Michigan.

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