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Will Demarcus Cousins be traded by the deadline?

If so where to and who for!

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    According to David Aldridge or NBA.com, Kings GM Geoff Petrie has said publicly that former Kentucky star DeMarcus Cousins is not on the trading block.

    Unfortunately, Aldridge also reports that Cousins' Sacramento teammates have not been very sympathetic of the big man's recent problems.

    Additionally, sources claim Cousins has refused any form of counseling to help with anger issues.

    Here is more from NBA.com:

    The team was surprised when Cousins showed up for practice on Christmas Eve, thinking the suspension was indefinite. Upon his arrival, "the Christmas spirit was gone," said the league source who is familiar with the Kings. And there was not much sympathy for him afterward when Cousins tried to apologize.

    "When he apologized to the team, two players stood up and said 'we've heard this bull(bleep) before,'" the source said. "'You're either going to be with us, or you're not. We don't want to hear any more excuses.'"

    Reached Monday morning, Petrie said Cousins is not on the block.

    "You can put that one to rest," Petrie said. "He's not going anywhere. You can lay that to rest. Some of that stuff lives in its own reality."

    Petrie said the return of Cousins to the team provided "resolution" to the shouting match with Smart.

    "Everybody's moving forward," Petrie said. "He's still a young, developing player that's yet to reach his potential and is still a major piece of the future planning here. Everyone's committed to working with his development as a player and his overall growth...he's still an important part of the future. He's like a lot of people. Some have good days, and some days are better than others. We're going to continue to work with him to help him reach his potential, which is still very high."

    One significant problem, according to sources, is that Cousins has refused the Kings' entreaties to undergo any type of counseling to deal with his anger issues, which were at the heart of many NBA teams' reluctance to take Cousins high in the 2010 Draft. The push has been especially strong recently, "but that's going nowhere," says a source familiar with Cousins' thinking, citing Cousins' unwillingness to even discuss the subject.

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    I don't think Demarcus Cousins will be Traded , Teams wont want to give up guys Rondo ( Boston ), or Detroit Like maybe a trade like D.Cousins and Tyler Honeycutt for B.Knight and Drummonds , and second rounder 2012 for an example , you have Fans Drooling and Teams kicking Tires as if they are in a Flea Market , I mean this is Demarcus Cousins , he is a Beast , a very talented Big Man. another Example BoBcats ? Kings will want M.Kidd-Gilchrist , these team don't want to give up their young Talent and we want to keep Demarcus. I can live with a trade Involving. Tyreke Evans and John Salmons to Rockets for Omer Asik and C. Parsons and Demarcus Cousins Tyler Honeycutt and 2nd round pick for Drummonds and B.Knight. but team want to offer players that are not star type players. which is why i feel Demarcus Cousins will stay in Sacramento. Maloofs love Cousins and Petrie already said Cousins is not getting Traded unless a Team makes an offer the maloofs can't refuse. so far we got tire kickers and fans with hopeful trade ideas that are laughable to me and Kings Fans.

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    No I don't see cousins being traded by deadline.

    If Kings traded him, they would never get equal value in return. Kings don't want bench players that will be out of the league in 2 years. They need a big name player or a vet. I don't think any teams would be willing to trade him for a star player. Cousins will be something big and the kings know that.

    However I will say the history of kings trade past 5 years have been horrible...trade our good players away for basically free so who knows what our GM will come up with.. I've heard trades involving Celtics with Sullinger and Fab Melo...which kings would never accept. A reasonable trade would be Joakim Noah for DMC..also draft picks with both teams. Only trade that I'd think would work.

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    Gay-Grizzlies (i think they are going to transfer him however itll be in the offseason) Calderon-probably Raptors, perhaps the Jazz Pierce-Celtics Randolph-Grizzlies Smith-almost always the Hawks. I'd love to look him go to the Celitcs, but i do not see it going down. Gasol-He'll almost always stay on the lakers, but when he gets traded i'd say on the whole the hornets. Dirk-Mavs Barbosa-Celtics Cousins-until the Kings get a new proprietor before the closing date, he'll stay there. The Maloofs need to maintain him Blair-I don't know the place, however I suppose he'll definitly get traded.

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    I don't think it will happen. The Kings would never anyone good in return because he has a rookie contract which pays you like 3-5 million. The Kings would have to re-sign Cousins to a huge contract and get something good in return. Though, if a good rookie big man like Jared Sullinger is offered, a trade could be possible.

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    Cousins brings a lot of extra baggage with him where ever he goes, if he is traded at all.

    Cousins is a super talent and it will be difficult for Sacramento to get equal value because

    of that extra baggage. A change of scenery might do Cousins good, though.

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    8 years ago

    If he did which is highly unlikely he'd go to the celtics for bass but probably won't happen.

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    joel anthony, dexter pittman, mario chalmers, and a 2nd rd pick for cousins, tyrek evans, and a 1st rd pick.

  • 8 years ago

    no he has an additional year on his contract

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