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help me to write some sentence

word:Slumped,swagger,definitely,exhausted,speechless,immaculate,podium,fabulous.Thank you!

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    Slumped:-(dropped down suddenly):-.He was sitting slumped over his computer,with drugged badly effect.

    swagger:-(walk with swinging movement.):-He swaggered down the street after winning the street-fighter.

    definitely:-(adv)(without doubt.):- That was definitely the best school I've studied.

    exhausted(to tire out):- What an exhausting day ! I'm completely exhausted.

    speechless(adj)(unable for the moment to speak):- I was speechless with the anger.

    immaculate(adj)(extremely clean and tidy):-Princess Kate always looks immaculate.

    podium(a small area for a performer, speaker, musical conductor etc to stand on.):-The president stood on the podium and gave an inaugural speech.

    fabulous:-(extremely good or pleasant).The Chinese dragon is a fabulous creature.

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    Slumped : He felt bored and started dozing, he even lost consciousness and slumped over the table.

    Swagger : He should be ashamed of himself! He still swaggered into the hall after being late for school!

    Definitely : After Sally made a cake, she messed up the whole room, it's definitely hard to clean it up!

    Exhausted: She became totally exhausted after jogging for 15 kilometers.

    Speechless:The night after they went to the lengendary haunted house, all of them became pale and speechless.

    Immaculate : Her room is immaculate, with all the things tidy, on the contrary, my room looks like a landfill.

    Podium: Barack Obama stood on the podium and gave a touching lecture confidently.

    Fabulous: Look at this magnificent scenery, it's fabulous I can't believe my eyes!

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