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內文開始-part 1


My name is XXX. I obtained my master’s degree in physics department from XXX

University in 2011. The major research directions of our laboratory are Organic

light-emitting diode (OLED), Organic photovoltaic cell and some organic crystal

growth mechanism. My master’s dissertation is to study the effects of XXX. In my

master's course, I had learned quantum mechanics, solid state electronic devices,

solid state physics, concept and fabrication of photovoltaic cells. The research

process of mine was included not only the fabrication of OLED but also measure

the optical and electrical characterizations of OLED devices and the OLED

manufacturing equipment maintenance. In addition, I improved my problem-solving

skills and teamwork experience during pursue a master's degree.


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    My name is XXX. In 2011, I secured a master's degree from XXX University Department of physics. Our laboratory main research directions of organic light emitting diode, organic solar cells, as well as some organic crystal growth mechanism. My master's thesis at address XXX. In my master's course, I studied quantum mechanics, solid state electronics, solid state physics, principle and manufacture of solar cell. My research process contains more than the production of organic solar cells also contain the OLED and OLED optical characteristic measurement of growth machine maintenance. In addition, during the masters let me also address the issue of capacity and experience improve.

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