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Severe Case of Writers Block!!!?

So, I have restarted this book I am trying to write 17 times. I can't think of how this boy and girl meet. I always get 20-40 pages in writing when I notice the beginning sucks. So my book is a summer romance taking place at where else, a beach. The girl comes down every summer but the boy is new, and his parents just divorced and they are renting a house there. How can they meet!??? I am loosing all hope, :)

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    OK first you need a plot. You want to have a general idea of how you want the book to start. where your characters will be in the middle, and how it will end. Once you have that then you can knock in more details. They can meet at the beach or the girl can bring the boy and is family welcome cookies or something. Maybe the girl was drowning and the boy saved her. They meat at a party. She was walking and so was he and they kind of meet up. Maybe the parents are old friends.

    Dont ever throw away a book. you right it to the end. Then you go back and rewrite what you dont like. Make sure you fix all of the book to match what you have changed. Then keep going back and adding things taking others away until you are happy.

    Good luck

  • Simple during sunset hours the boys at the beach throwing stones at the water a little teary eyed thinking about his parents when the girl silently walks over lost in her own thoughts and asks him why he's crying he could get deffense or he could lie or be an open book but he's not my charecter so i dont know what type of personality you want to give him. Hope that helps you out and yes if you cant think of any thing and like this feel free to use it but if you do use it then take down the question so no one else uses it also just from the description it sounds nice could you email me what your gunna name the book so if its ever published i know what it is im farmermemme@

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    Whoa. You're way more persistent than I am. 17 times?!

    Let the story rest. Give it up for awhile. Not permanently...although you may need to do that. But don't work on it for as long as you can stand it. Once you can't stand it anymore, wait another week.

    In the meantime, work on something else. Write a few short stories. Write 750 words each day on Make sure you're still writing, just don't write for this particular story.

    Once you are ready to begin working on it again, just write. Don't worry about whether it's good or not. This is just the first draft. It's not supposed to be good. Published books are edited over and over and over again in order to be publishable.

    Also, check out The event is over until April when Camp NaNoWriMo starts, but the tactics and approach to writing it brings seems to be just what you need. :)

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    I'd read it just based off of what you've said so far haha

    Maybe there could be a fair/carnival or something and they both go by themselves (or the girl can go with friends) and the girl sees the boy kind of lost and by himself obviously - since he doesn't know anyone. The girl sees the boy and she leaves her friends to go talk to him. You'll have to elaborate on that haha


    The girl is by herself and some guy is giving her a hard time, so the guy swoops in and saves her. They could hit it off there, or go their separate ways for a bit then meet up again.

    Hope this helped or gave you an idea for something else! Good luck!

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    She can be out running in the mornin and while shes running and sees no one on the beach she decides to close her eyes while shes running to feel the ocean breeze and the morning sun(being that she knows the path that she takes through the beach) and accidentally trips over the boy who was lying down on the sand(u can come up for the reason why. Maybe he sunck out to see the sunrise and he fell asleep or somethin) and he gets up to help her but as she grabs onto his hand she accidentally steps on a crab and loses her balance and falls again while she still has his hand and they fall together him landing ontop of her then they have a little moment where they stare into each others eyes and the rest is up to you. Hope u like it and if u finish the story can u send it to my email? Cuz it sounds like its gonna be a good story.

    Its thanks! (:

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    I think they meet on a bus, but at first the years before they have been riding the same bus (mabe going to the beach) but never noticing each other for years. They traded a glance or two over the years but never noticing. Till one day when he was feeling really sad about something. She feels his sadness in a deap way. Thats when they see they were ment to be and wonder why they didn't see it in the years befor. , , , Hope that helps.

  • What I do when that happens is to try to weave the story in my mind before I write the whole story. Think about your idea for the story; after a while, if you still think your idea is good then try it out. That happens to me all the time. I hope this makes sense!

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    Set everything you have aside. Write a complete and detailed outline of your entire book before you continue. Writer's block is very often a symptom of poor planning.

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    If its at the beach, maybe shes swimming and gets a cramp and begins to drown and he spots her and saves her, or he's lost and she offers to show him around? Or beach fireworks and she loses her parents and joins him since he's lonely? Sounds like a good story!

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    Next time you expertise "writers block," are attempting taking a walk and just let your intellect be free from lyrics and phrases. Rest your mind and the phrases will come less difficult and with readability!

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