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How to do my makeup like Bette Davis?

I like how her eyes look really big.

On the other hand, my eyes are really small, and I want them to look bigger, like Bette Davis's.

Here are some pictures of her makeup:




I've tried googling this but none of the results that came up were helpful.

I have brown eyes,by the way.

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    I had to aswer this, 'cause i was just listening to the song Bette Davis Eyes....haha

    ok, this is what I would do:

    1) use a light colored matte cream eyeshadow, and cover the entire lid up to the brow bone, blend with finger. Idk how much you want to spend but Benefit makes a creaseless cream shadow (the shade tattle tale will do) its really good, if thats too pricey i would bet that covergirl has a cream shadow.

    2) to get the wide-eyed look take a soft crayon eyeliner in a cream or off white color (bright white looks too crazy dramatic so dont go there, ha) fill in the bottom waterline

    3) find a medium mocha colored powder shadow (matte or satin finish will do) use a small somewhat fluffy makeup brush with a pointed end for precision. fill in the crease (blending slightly above crease in a rounded motion) and blend the line sllightly with the lighter color on the lid.

    4) using a java colored soft crayon liner with a sponge blender on the other end (benefit makes these), line the entire upper lash line from corner to corner and smudge/soften with the spongey tip making the line soft but fairly thick, use what is left on the sponge to softly line the bottom lash line and smudge the color in (blend and soften with the shadow brush if necessary, you want to darken under the eye for definition but not too dark dramatic)

    5) now use a black liquid liner to follow the line you already made (but only the top this time) make line thicker as you go towards the outer corner

    6) black mascara obviously, the 2 best i know of are diorshow iconic (more expensive) and maybelline great lash. one trick i use it take a business card and hold it standing up against and behind the lashes as close to the root as you can get and stroke the lashes with the brush. this allows the lashes to separate to get precision with each one, while also getting them to stick straight up so theyll look longer...not to mention it prevents you from getting mascara all over the lid and ruining the shadow job (just a tip)

    7) line lips with nude lip liner (one that matches your natural lip color) and you can go slightly above the lip line to enhance the shape (just not too dramatic) women did this in the 30's. then get a burgundy creamy lipstick and fill in the center only of top and bottom lip (youll look like queen amidala at first lol) then use your finger to blend outward and full in the rest of the lips in a tapping motion (this will give it a shaded look where the middle is darkest it will keep it looking matte)

    and youre done! make sure the brows are well groomed and filled in (think long, dark and arched...just never go darker than whats natural for you)

    good luck, i hope this was helpful

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    Bette Davis Makeup

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    1962, Robert A ALDRICH

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