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What are the vast majority of MMA fighters like as people?

I'm asking because I saw this MMA documentary today. The fighters who were being interviewed were some stone cold fighters. I think they just took pleasure in messing people up. They didn't even seem like they were in MMA for the sport.

Yesterday was my first day of training. I learned from basic Brazilian Jujitsu. I'm anxious to come back and learn more. But that documentary freaked me out to be honest.

I became so stressed that I was having visions of getting my *** beat by an opponent in a cage and I couldn't do anything about it.


Nadashin: The documentary was called "Fightville". It was aired on Showtime.

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    What are the vast majority of Football players like as people? What are the vast majority of PC gamers like as people? What are the vast majority of rich people like as people? What are the vast majority of poor people like as people?

    There are very wide range of people that do anything. From my experience with boxing, it's a pretty friendly community as a whole with a couple of super competitive people tossed amongst them.

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    From my experience most MMA fighters are good regular people. A few that I've met are usually only like that when it's near time for a fight, which is justified since your opponent won't hold anything back either. But that's only a minority of fighters, most love the sport and every aspect of it.

    If you're at an MMA gym with guys that try to act tough all the time, then the gym probably isn't very good. In most cases the douchbags/tough guys tend to suck and have their heads in the wrong places. Again, most fighters are pretty normal guys.

    With that said don't be too stressed out about that documentary because I don't think you'll run into guys like that. Just train and have fun with it

    Source(s): Currently training MMA with Pros and Amateurs
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    Well in any full contact combat sport you need some degree of killer instinct, this doesn't mean you have to be a stone cold psycho though.

    Even though it is a sport, it's one where beating your opponent is the objective, you have to leave the sportsmanship out of it until the end.

    (Ever seen one man beat the snot out of the other, but hug him or hold his hand up at the end to show respect or that he has no hard feelings?)

    Often many fighters like to get in to a mindset before matches, blocking out everything but the fighting.

    It is the same with most sports, the athletes have different preparation rituals.

    Fighting is as much psychological as it is physical, some like to exert a bad *** persona, trying to intimidate their opponents with death stares and the like.

    Others go for the smiling assassin look, trying to make the other feel like he is being toyed with though taunts.

    If you are looking to pursue a career in MMA, you need to work on building your confidence, as entering any ring when your mind isn't ready can be dangerous.

    Most schools won't thrust you in to a ring until you are ready though anyway.

    So enjoy your training now, it will be a long time before you have to decide if it is something you want to pursue to the ring

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    Calm down for christsake you've asked the same question 5 times already, look people are different regardless of whether or not they do the same sport, some guys are down to earth sensible nice people and some are a**holes, it's just the way all people are, Yesterday was your FIRST DAY OF TRAINING!!! Don't get freaked out because as I've said before , you won't be stepping in the cage to compete for a few years and never unless you want to ,nobody is gonna say"Hey you're at an MMA gym so you have to fight" that's your decision and you should wait till your coaches give you the green light if you do want to fight

    You have to understand that Combat Sports like Boxing and MMA require a certain Warrior mentality at the professional level, this mentality is that of a man constantly at war, take no prisoners show no mercy,get the job done that's the way all combat sport athletes are in the heat of training and competition if you meet them in person most of them are nice guys don't be so judgmental because a documentary made them look like bad people you don't know them personally, and every jackass with a camera that makes a documentary isn't presenting facts he's expressing his own opinion and editing what "impartial" footage he has taken to fit that mold

    I have to ask which documentary was it so I can explain some things about it to you, I might know which one you mean

    Ah I knew it Fightville,that one scares many a rookie,you might not even want to do MMA anymore but that's no reason to be put off of Martial Arts altogether that Documentary was edited to show that PROFESSIONAL fighting is hard and it's not for everybody , you can still do Amateur you can still train for fitness and defense . What you have to understand was those guys there were all professionals who had been doing it for years and were striving for bigger and better things also despite being an excellent coach and fighter Tim Credeur isn't called "Crazy" for nothing he's a wealth of experience in different martial arts, he's in the UFC and has also served in the Navy, he sets high standards for his guys to give them a trial by fire .They weren't overly aggressive guys they were just treating it like what it is for them , a job , as Pro's the gym is their office and when you get guys who only show up to work sometimes and expect to get the same respect and treatment you get after doing all that hard work it pisses you off ,they do love the sport side of it but they want to get to the highest level and to do that takes something more than just being an athlete it takes being a Warrior , being a Pro is a completely different lifestyle and most people don't even make the choice to go Pro until a couple of years into their training like I said relax, calm down, you've just started you've got nothing to worry about , nobody is going to force you to spar hard like they did in that documentary because 1. you're a beginner 2. you're going to be respectful and 3. it is not your job you've just taken it up for fun

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  • Jim R
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    I will come at this from the perspective of a traditional martial art teacher.

    The big majority of MMA people I have trained and interacted with are humble and strong. They are the same as us, they train hard to achieve their goal of winning their sport. Most I have seen are good sports, win or not, they respect their peers. And they respect me and my students too, enough that we have trained together on several occasions.

    They will help you and befriend you if you give them a chance.

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    Well i'm an MMA fighter. I can tell you that we are a diverse bunch. Some are stupid and some vastly educated and kind. BUT we all one thing in common and that's that we are fighters. we love getting hit and we love hitting. Thats all i can really tell you.

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    Most MMA fighter acts like any other fighter in any sport would. You have your respectful guys who seem laid back and casual, and then you have your mouthy, cocky fighters.

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