First time to Chicago?

I am planning a trip with my parents to Chicago this year, and it will be my first time ever going there.

What are the top must see places in Chicago? It has been a life long dream to see a Broadway/theatre show as well. Suggestions?

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    It's difficult to answer your question because there is no information about your interests other than a Broadway show, nor what would be age appropriate activities. To start, Chicago live theatre, whether a musical or play, is fantastic because their is a wide variety of shows, theatres, and times you can see a performance. Matinee performances during the day and on weekdays are less costly than nighttime, particularly weekend nights. A good website for discount tickets is I've used it for Broadway shows in NYC and Chicago and have been very happy with the tickets I got through the site. In fact, I saw both Wicked and Jersey Boys in Chicago using broadwaybox tickets.

    I like art and music and Chicago is a great place for both. The Art Institute has one of the great collections in the U.S. and is very close to the Architectural Foundation store where you can get advance tickets for a Chicago architectural tour - they have both walking tours and boat tours plus it has a great gift shop there. I enjoyed a walking tour of downtown buildings that Frank Lloyd Wright had designs in. Chicago has a number of good blues clubs if you are old enough to go to one: Blues Chicago, Buddy Guy's, Kingston Mines, B.L.U.E.S. are just some of the well-known clubs to catch some music.

    While in Chicago, go try some regional foods there like deep dish pizza, Italian Beef sandwiches, Chicago-style hot dogs, or a steakhouse. I also really like Lou Mitchell's for breakfast; it's near Union Station and not only has great breakfast and coffee, but they give Milk Duds to women and kids when they go there. Go to the Macy's on State Street - it's the world's second largest department store housed in a historical building that was originally a Marshall Fields. There is a Tiffany ceiling in the store as well as other architecturally impressive features, plus they sell some fantastic Frango chocolate mints there. More info at the Macy's link

    Chicago has two zoos: one that is free in Lincoln Park and a larger one out in the suburb of Brookfield. I went to the one in Brookfield by train and enjoyed the zoo (and the walking).

    Do some research and discuss with your parents what sort of activities you would like to do. Your local library's travel book section or even a bookstore can provide you with more information, and websites like or can also give you more ideas.

    Have fun; it's a great town and the CTA system makes it so efficient to get around and it connects to both area airports. Driving and parking in Chicago is both difficult and expensive.

    Source(s): Many Chicago trips.
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    Hope you enjoy it! There's so much to do in and around Chicago, here's a link to some places to see in and around Chicagoland:

    Here's a link to some Broadway stuff in the Chicagoland area:

    Have an excellent time, I'm sure you'll enjoy it!

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    The BEST place to visit is the Shedd Aquarium...then the Museum of Science and Industry, the Field Museum, the Art institute Museum, Navy Pier.

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    I recommend you stay in or near downtown so you are a walking distance from most of the major attractions or public transportation.

    There are a lot of web sites that list what is going on in Chicago in sports, entertainment, culture, etc Here are a few good web sites to review:

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    You should defiantly go to navy pier, and the watertower, and the willis tower( not sure if I spelled it right )

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