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I'm confused on the Iranian Hostage Crisis?

I get that the Iranians were mad and they took Americans hostage, but what I don't get is how did they not get caught and where did they hide the hostages? I've gone to many websites and cannot find out where! Also if they were mad and evil (I'm not sure if they were bad guys but people who hold people hostage must be bad) why would they let some people go? What where they trying to accomplish? Anyone that knows about this please help and give me the website if you know one? Thanks in advance!:)

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    The Americans that escaped were hiden by other embassies. The Canadian Embassy officials forged paper work and smuggled some of the US workers out of Iran. Interestingly enough, one of the main Canadian officials who helped hide the Americans died this week. There is an excellent article in the NY Times about him and what the Canadians tried to do.

    The Iranians weren't evil, that makes the conflict too simplistic. Iran was in the middle of a full blown revolution - and revolutions tend to bring extremists out of the woodwork. Iran was pretty much in a state of full chaos and rules of law were thrown out the door.

    There is a good website that offers a timeline to the crisis. Check out the second link. It might make the entire messy crisis a bit easier to understand.

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    When the Americans were taken hostage, the Ayatollah Khomeini, who was the ruler of Iran, publicly endorsed the takeover. As a result, the authorities did nothing to try to get the hostages liberated.

    The Americans were held hostage by a large group of students who were protesting America's past interference in Iran and support of the Shah (king), who had just been deposed. The government did not participate in the capture of the hostages, but it supported those who did.

    For the first few months, the Americans were held hostage inside the embassy. After the US tried unsuccessfully to get the hostages with a military rescue mission, the hostages were moved around Iran and held in various places, everywhere from a barn in the middle of nowhere to an abandoned school to a large prison in Tehran. They kept being moved around.

    By seizing the American embassy and taking its personnel hostage, Iran wanted to humiliate the United States for supporting the Shah and get even. It was realized that images of an embassy being captured and people being paraded before the cameras blindfolded would make for great TV coverage and publicity.

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    Don't trust mainstream news, it's why you can't find any answers to your questions.

    maybe try youtube to find information about it.

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