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Anonymous asked in Family & RelationshipsSingles & Dating · 8 years ago

no one is answering because it's long but help ! five star best answer ! Don't know what to do !?


I'm 17 and I've dated a guy for 7 months. We broke up cause he said he didn't love me anymore. He didn't cheated or had a new girl. He just got bored i guess. So we stayed friends for like 1 month until i couldn't just take the hold of being only friends. So i told him it was for the best to not to talk at all. So i deleted him everywhere. 4 Months has passed. He texted me and he said that he wanted to be friends and talk again. I wasn't in a bad state, I was starting to find happiness again. So i accepted it. That night he texted me, saying : " I love you. I miss you. I'm such a jerk. We were the perfect couple and i'm regretting everything. I wanted to see what life would give me. I'm sorry. I'm not asking for anything but i want you to know. ". He kept on texting saying " sorry " or " i miss you " so i called him and i notice he was drunk. I told him that it was better to talk the next day when he isn't drunk cause i don't want him to say stuff that he'll take back. The next i went to his house. He played the piano for me. And we were fooling around and i fell onto his lap ( so i was sitting then ) and he just kissed me. He told me that he FEELS like getting back with me but he was scared to hurt me again. I said the same thing and i asked him what does he really wants to happen. He said that he FEELS like being with me but he was scared to hurt me badly. He came up with an a idea. We're a couple but we can flirt with others. I accepted. I went home after cause it was running late. The morning i called him to meet up with me. I told him that this "couple and flirting with others won't work" and that i don't want others to kiss you and flirt with you. I also told him that if you really loved me than you shouldn't have said those and it's only an envy he only FEELS like it but it wasn't what he really wants. He told me he was sorry that he doesn't know what to do anymore. He was kinda lost for few days. So there was a party. He was there and i was there. At the end i saw him kissing another girl. Later that night he told me that he only wants to be friend with me. but before the party a friend of mine told him that i didn't love him anymore but it wasn't true. I asked him why did he told me that he loves me again the other night at his house and kissed this girl? He told me that a friend of mine told him that i don't love him anymore and that i love someone else. That he didn't wanted to ruined it. So he kissed the girl just to forget me. Two weeks have passed. We stayed friends. We call each other. Talk as bestfriends. And then new years came. He texted: Happy new years. I embrace you with lots of kisses and have fun tonight. And be careful of yourself. A friend of mine she had my phone and just to piss me off she send " I love you very much :$ :$ :$ :$ <3 <3 <3 happy new years " he replied saying " i love you too :$$ <3 " When he replied to me i sent him a message on the same time i told him that i was sorry a friend took my phone and she just wanted to fool around. And he said : it's alright.

He is really a sweet guy. Really romantic. He's got everything that a girl wants. When we broke up he did everything to make me laugh. He is really a GOOD GUY. He really is sincere and loyal ! HE IS JUST PERFECT FOR ME. :$

I just don't know what to do or what to think. Should i talk to him ? Is he worth it ? i really do believe in " us ". My friend told me that he himself told me that he doesn't wanna hurt me so that means he likes me alot. So if he likes me he doesn't want to lose me.He wants to stay close to me because he doesn't assume the fact that he left me and that he knows that if we're together he might hurt me but if i leave him he's the one suffering. SO the only way for him is to stay close friends but when we're close friend there's always something that happens as if we were together again.And it pisses him off cause he knows that we can't be together because he might hurt me again and he knows that we can't only be just close friends that like nothing ever happened between us so that hurts him. What should i do ? Should i asked him why did he say " i love you too " ( text message from the new year party ) instead of saying another thing ? IT'S OKAY IF WE DON'T GET BACK.. WELL NOT REALLY. BUT I WANT TO MAKE THINGS CLEAR. CAUSE ALL THIS THINGS MAKES ME THINK OF OTHER THINGS OTHER THAN FRIEND. I JUST DON'T KNOW WHAT TO DO. I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT I'M SUPPOSED TO ASK HERE...

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  • 8 years ago
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    Perfect for you? No he's not. Love is as love does. I've told all three of my daughters this, and now I'm telling you. You have good instincts...they told you that the "we're together but we can flirt around" bit was a bunch of crap, so you can trust them. They will not lead you astray. The only issue you have now is you're trying desperately to find some way to keep believing this is Prince Charming, when there's no evidence to support it; I get that. We all go through that at many stages of our lives. Refer back to my first truth: Love is as love does. That's basically the point. Knowing this makes it easier for the real Prince to get through.

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